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What should I do if diabetics gradually lose weight in the "bitter summer"? Eat more of 3 kinds of food, relieve the heat, appetize and lower blood sugar

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What should I do if diabetics gradually lose weight in the "bitter summer"? Eat more of 3 kinds of food, relieve the heat, appetize and lower blood sugar

The weather has been very hot recently, and many sugar friends are saying that they are entering a "bitter summer". Not only do they have no appetite for eating, but their body is also very tired. Losing several pounds and getting thinner and thinner, are diabetics having a "severe summer"? Why do diabetics have a "severe summer" and gradually lose weight? This is the disease? Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "bitter summer" has a lot to do with the physique of people with diabetes. In summer, the weather is hot, and the heat and dampness rises, and the humidity of the human body itself will increase. Each viscera cannot adapt to the changes in the internal and external environment, and cannot make adjustments in time. , and eventually a series of uncomfortable symptoms appeared in the body. In fact, not all people with diabetes will have a bitter summer. It has a lot to do with your eating habits. Chinese medicine says that "the spleen and stomach are incorporated into the essence of water and grain", which is responsible for providing energy for the body. If people with high blood sugar usually like to blow air conditioners, eat ice cream and drink cold drinks, these habits will cause a huge burden on the spleen and stomach. In addition, many people have poor spleen and stomach, weak digestive function, and eventually aggravate spleen and stomach damage, consumption of vitality, loss of qi and blood, decreased body resistance, and then a bitter summer. Doctor's suggestion: Eating more of these 3 kinds of food daily may reduce diabetes troubles Calorie, lower blood sugar, so bitter melon has a certain adjuvant therapeutic effect on lowering blood sugar. 2. Various trace elements in onions can promote the prostate to secrete various substances that promote insulin secretion, which can dilute blood viscosity, improve islet function, improve islet sensitivity, and improve insulin secretion capacity, thereby fundamentally regulating blood sugar. Level. 3. Guava Chinese medicine believes that guava is warm in nature, sweet and sour, and has the effect of astringency and itching. In addition, guava contains an element called chromium, which can quickly promote the catabolism between sugar and fat, and chromium also Helps to improve the glucose content in the human body with high blood sugar, reduce blood sugar and enhance insulin sensitivity, which is beneficial for hypoglycemic. Diabetes is a disease in which the concentration of glucose in the blood is too high. Due to the high blood sugar, it will cause adverse effects on the tissues, organs and cells of the body, causing various complications. The causes of diabetes are inseparable from daily diet and living habits. At present, the best way to prevent and control diabetes is diet therapy + mentality adjustment. To prevent and control diabetes, you can do this every day: 1. Diet In terms of diet, in addition to eating more of the above three kinds of food, you should also ensure a balanced diet and a light diet. However, the nutrients in food are very limited after all. If you want to effectively control blood sugar, you need the assistance of a variety of trace elements to maintain the function of islets. The supplementation of tempeh, pueraria and Cordyceps militaris is very beneficial to stabilize blood sugar. Tempe powder contains tempeh kinase that dilutes blood viscosity and promotes overall metabolism; Cordyceps militaris contains cordycepic acid that quickly repairs pancreatic islet function and promotes insulin secretion; Pueraria lobata contains puerarin that improves glycogenolysis and accelerates the rapid decomposition and consumption of carbohydrates; [Pu Bei Shuang Shu] combines the above nutrients, and also specially adds honeysuckle, cinnamon, ginseng, etc., suitable for diabetics to supplement, not only supplements nutrition for the body, but also helps to promote blood sugar stability, "escort" for physical health . 2. Maintain a good attitude If you are in a pessimistic mood for a long time, it will make the hormone secretion of the human body unbalanced, which is not conducive to controlling blood sugar. Modern people's life is relatively stressful, and some bad emotions often appear. Over time, it will also have a serious impact on blood sugar. Therefore, for people with high blood sugar, it is necessary to maintain a good attitude as much as possible to help stabilize blood sugar. Tips: People with high blood sugar can usually drink mulberry leaves soaked in water. Mulberry leaves are rich in polysaccharide flavonoids, which can effectively inhibit the activity of glycogen phosphorylase and prevent the conversion of carbohydrates that cannot be discharged into glucose. Raises the problem and lowers blood sugar levels after meals.

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