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A must-see for those who are struggling to lose weight! Here's a trick! You don't need to sweat in summer, you can lose weight by lying down

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A must-see for those who are struggling to lose weight! Here's a trick! You don't need to sweat in summer, you can lose weight by lying down

According to the "Report on Nutrition and Chronic Disease Status of Chinese Residents" released in 2020, more than 50% of adult residents are overweight or obese. Compared with the 2015 data, the overweight rate of domestic adult residents has increased by about 20-40%. The growing obesity problem has brought about national health anxiety. Obesity is known as the source of all diseases. It must be said that whiteness covers all ugliness, and fatness destroys everything. Obesity not only affects your body but also your health. As early as 1997, the World Health Organization (WHO) clearly pointed out that obesity itself is a disease. In fact, obesity is a chronic metabolic disease caused by many factors, and it is a risk factor for many serious diseases. A team of researchers led by Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, has uncovered important findings showing that being overweight or obese can significantly reduce blood flow to the brain, with every 1cm increase in waist circumference resulting in a reduction in cerebral blood flow equivalent to that of one year older. The study also showed that increased physical activity can lead to positive changes and even potentially reverse the insufficiency of blood supply to the brain. Not only physical health is at risk, but mental health is also affected by obesity. Obese people often feel inferior, ashamed, self-blame, and have many negative emotions. The dangers of obesity are troubling, but fortunately, the dangers of obesity are reversible, and these health risks can be reduced as long as you lose weight. Choosing the wrong way to lose weight is risky. Don’t ignore the saying that losing weight is 7 points to eat and 3 points to practice. "Shut your mouth and stretch your legs" is a healthy way that many people know. Let’s talk about “shut your mouth” first. We all know that weight loss requires diet control, but some people choose to go on a diet. You must know that if you are on a diet, the body will not lose fat, but water and muscle, which will lead to a decrease in basal metabolism, which is even more unfavorable for weight loss. Moreover, dieting to lose weight can also cause a series of health problems such as fatigue, dizziness, and weakness. Severe cases will also appear "anorexia", which makes people skinny, damages bodily functions, and even threatens life. Therefore, to lose weight, you need to control your diet, not diet. Besides "stretching your legs", many people think that sweating in summer is more conducive to losing weight, so they choose outdoor sports to lose weight. What many people don't know is that the scorching heat actually hides a lot of fitness risks. Relevant sports scientific evidence shows that exercising in an environment above 30°C for a long time is more likely to cause exercise-related heat-related problems, such as dehydration, overheating, headache, heat stroke, and severe heat syncope, heat cramps, and even post-exercise shock. question. Therefore, in the hot summer, exercise to lose weight needs to be alert to the health threat caused by high temperature. Xiuyu Fat Loss Weight Loss Lie down and lose weight, don't miss weight loss, in addition to paying attention to weight, you should pay more attention to body fat rate. Some people have an excess body fat percentage even though they are of normal weight. There are also some people who are not overweight but have waist and abdominal obesity, it is more difficult to lose fat and shape, and local weight loss and fat reduction have become a problem. It is worth noting that Xiuyu, who has been deeply involved in weight loss for 18 years, has won the recognition of millions of users with its healthy method of "only reducing fat, not muscle, and not nutrition". No matter how hard it is. It is reported that the Xiuyu Fat Burning Device was developed by Dr. Yang Lin, who returned from Germany, after more than ten years of research and development. It uses the principle of selective absorption of light and heat, and can target and heat fat cells through non-invasive targeted focusing radio frequency technology. It only acts on fat cells. While reducing the volume of fat cells and the number of fat cells, it also allows the withered fat cells to be excreted from the body through the normal metabolism of the human body. The fat in the arms and other parts realizes the slimming dream of "as thin as you want". It is worth mentioning that the latest technology developed by Dr. Yang Lin, the fat-boosting device with face-lifting function, has been exclusively authorized to Xiuyu, and its stability and permeability have been strengthened again, making the weight loss efficiency improved again. With Xiuyu Super V artificial intelligence fat clearing, it can achieve the effect of 1+1>2. It can not only accurately retrieve and quickly dissolve fat, strengthen fat metabolism, but also make the skin firmer. It is called "laying thin" black technology. . If you want to have a small V face and a small waist, remember to look for Dr. Yang Lin and Xiuyu when choosing. Are you still worried about losing weight and fat in the hot summer? Do you set a weight loss flag in the dark but suffer from losing weight without success? Do you believe in dieting and sweating to lose weight but do not know how harmful it is? This summer, leave the weight loss plan to Xiuyu. Without dieting, sweating, or hurting your body, you can lose weight by lying on the air conditioner and have a healthy weight loss method. Have you got it?


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