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Is itchy skin a disease? Daily tips to keep away from itchy skin

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Is itchy skin a disease? Daily tips to keep away from itchy skin

Summer is here, and as the weather heats up day by day, many people's skin begins to experience itching to varying degrees. I don't know if you feel this way. When you are walking outside, your arm suddenly feels a little itchy. Thought we had some skin disease. Is itchy skin a disease? Is it contagious through contact? Today, let's find out what is itchy skin? And how to prevent it? 1. What is itchy skin? Itchy skin is when a rash cannot be seen on the surface of the patient's skin, but it feels so itchy that they may be forced to scratch. When we feel itching somewhere, we cannot see the symptoms of it with the naked eye. Itching is more of a feeling, ranging from mild itching to tingling, from the very beginning to the extreme itching. Itching can develop over a period of minutes, weeks, or months. When we start scratching, there will be scratches or blisters, and there may be no abnormal symptoms. 2. The cause of skin itching. There are many reasons for skin itching, which can be divided into two categories: internal factors and external factors. Internal factors include dry skin, mental factors, drug factors, and systemic diseases, such as renal insufficiency, obstructive hepatobiliary disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and hypothyroidism. Extrinsic factors include temperature changes, clothing irritation, disinfectants, pesticides, and more. In addition, contact with allergenic substances can also cause local itching. Itchy skin itself is not contagious, but it depends on what is causing the itching, such as scabies and itching caused by fungi. 3. Tips for preventing itchy skin. In fact, more than 90% of people with itchy skin are due to dry skin. Such as frequent bathing, bathing water temperature is too high, using alkaline soap, the surrounding environment is too dry to cause skin itching. Itchy skin is a common dermatological symptom, but there are many reasons for skin itching, so we cannot underestimate it. Continuous and repeated itching will cause diseases in the body. So how can we prevent it? First of all, the clothes should be as loose and comfortable as possible, do not wear tight underwear, wear more cotton and less chemical fiber, which can reduce the itching of the skin due to the irritation of the clothes. Secondly, the diet should be lighter, drink less alcohol, smoke less and eat less irritating food; reduce the use of irritating substances, such as alkaline soaps, disinfectants, pesticides, dyes, etc., these things will make our skin itchy. Furthermore, when working indoors, you should pay attention to the temperature of the air conditioner, keep the inside and outside of the body transparent, and prevent the skin from being hot and cold. Avoid frequent bathing, do not use too hot water when bathing, bath time should not be too long, and apply body lotion after bathing. Finally, pay attention to sun protection when going out in summer, try not to expose the skin directly to strong ultraviolet rays, and do not immediately wash the skin exposed to the sun with water after returning indoors. The above are our main routine measures to prevent skin itching. For unexplained skin itching, persistent itching, and other symptoms of discomfort, you can't scratch it. After ruling out the usual cause of itching, you should go to the hospital for examination in time to avoid delaying the disease.

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