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Why do people with schizophrenia behave uncontrollably?

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Why do people with schizophrenia behave uncontrollably?

Schizophrenia patients are "madmen, violent madmen" and are more dangerous. This may be the inherent impression of many people on schizophrenia. Because when the disease occurs, the patient cannot control his thoughts and behaviors, and often makes some strange actions, and may even hurt people and destroy things. Why is the behavior of schizophrenic patients uncontrollable when they have schizophrenia? Is there no hope for a normal life after suffering from schizophrenia? Let's find out together today. The behavior of schizophrenic patients is mainly affected by these symptoms. The auditory hallucination patient may scold him when he hears a voice scolding him. In the eyes of others, the patient is swearing at the air for unknown reasons, or he may be so angry that he throws things at home . The more dangerous auditory hallucinations are command hallucinations, which are vivid and specific, come and go suddenly, and the content is often threatening. For example, if auditory hallucinations cause the patient to die, the patient will not hesitate to commit suicide by committing suicide by jumping off a building or hitting his head against a wall. Delusion of being victimized is one of the common symptoms of schizophrenia patients. Most patients will adopt an attitude of patience and avoidance, and a small number of patients will "strike first" and take the initiative to attack the "imaginary enemy". main reason. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the object of the patient's delusion, that is, who the patient thinks is trying to harm him. If the delusional object of the patient is a family member, try to keep the family member away from the patient, or at least not leave him alone with the patient. Anxiety Anxiety here mainly refers to drug-induced anxiety. One of the side effects of antipsychotics is that it may cause inexplicable restlessness, helplessness, palpitation, sweating, and fear in patients. It is worth noting that because the patient is eager to get rid of this intense pain, he will have impulsive injury or self-injury. These behaviors are only for venting and liberation, not for the purpose of death. Psychomotor excitement The mental symptoms of schizophrenia patients are severe disordered thinking, disorganized speech, and lack of purpose in behavior. Such patients may also experience self-injury or damage to others. Because the patient's excitement is continuous, family members should keep the dangerous items such as knives, scissors, fire and gas at home and take precautions. Special reminder: The case of schizophrenia patients hurting people only exists in a small number of patients. These patients are under the domination of delusions, especially under the domination of sudden victimization delusions, and attack and hurt others. There are also many schizophrenic patients who are mainly emotionally flat, out of tune with the surrounding world, have no emotional changes to the outside world, and are unlikely to hurt people or destroy things. Is there any hope of returning to a normal life after suffering from schizophrenia? Schizophrenia is not incurable. Through treatment, the condition will be relieved. If you insist on treatment according to the doctor's instructions, you can still return to a normal life. Therefore, suffering from schizophrenia does not mean that life is over. In order to integrate into a normal life, the following points should be paid special attention: the patient should closely cooperate with the doctor’s treatment, adhere to the medication in accordance with the doctor’s order in a sufficient amount and for a full course of treatment, and visit the hospital regularly for follow-up visits, so that the doctor can observe the progress of the disease and the effect of the medication, and target the different stages of the patient. , adjust the treatment plan in time; at the same time, it should be noted that the drug must not be discontinued, reduced or changed blindly. Families should encourage patients and increase their self-confidence. Families with conditions can also cooperate with doctors to provide patients with psychological counseling on a regular basis, so as to improve the patient's psychological resistance and enhance the ability to adapt to the society. Family members can arrange the patient's daily life reasonably, let the patient participate in certain family labor, live, study and work like a healthy person, encourage the patient to communicate with relatives and friends more, and enhance their ability to adapt to the environment and establish good interpersonal relationships, which will help return to society in the future. In general, after scientific and systematic treatment, the patient's mental symptoms can be alleviated, and more than 60% of the patients can reach a 'clinical recovery state', that is, the symptoms disappear, they have the ability to understand the disease, they can arrange their own affairs, and they are competent for their roles. Corresponding work and study, so as to return to society.

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