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Beware! When these 6 symptoms appear, it is likely to be suffering from insomnia

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Beware! When these 6 symptoms appear, it is likely to be suffering from insomnia

With the acceleration of people's life rhythm and the increase of work pressure and life pressure, a good night's sleep has become a luxury for many people. According to a survey released by the China Sleep Research Association, the incidence of insomnia among adults in my country has reached more than 38%. Eliminating sleep disorders and ensuring healthy sleep has become a major social issue. However, short-term insomnia or occasional insomnia does not mean that you have insomnia. Insomnia is a psychiatric disorder and many criteria need to be met to be diagnosed as insomnia. This issue will share with you the diagnostic criteria for insomnia disorders in sleep disorders. Diagnostic criteria for insomnia disorder Difficulty falling asleep, maintaining sleep, waking up early, and not being able to fall back asleep Sleep disturbance causing clinically significant distress, or causing impairment of social, occupational, educational, academic, behavioral, or other important functioning at least 3 times per week Difficulty sleeping late, lasting at least about three months Difficulty sleeping despite adequate sleep opportunities Insomnia not attributable to the physiological effects of a substance (eg, substance abuse) Coexisting psychiatric and medical conditions that do not adequately explain the chief complaint of insomnia When diagnosing a sleep disorder, consideration should be given to whether it is a stand-alone disorder or a co-morbidity with other psychiatric disorders (eg, depression), medical disorders, or other sleep disorders. What are the dangers of insomnia? People with insomnia disorder may have interpersonal, social, and occupational problems due to insomnia or excessive worry about sleep, increased daytime irritability, and poor concentration. And long-term insomnia will not only bring us mental damage, but also will actually destroy our bodily functions. For example, insomnia may induce the occurrence of cancer. Some studies have reported that lack of sleep can stimulate gastric glands, reduce gastric blood flow, and thin the gastric mucosa, thereby increasing the growth of gastric ulcers and cancer cells, which can easily lead to gastric diseases and cancer. . In addition, long-term insomnia will weaken our antiviral ability, causing hair loss, tooth loss, gingivitis, periodontitis and other diseases. Of course, the most serious damage is the damage to the brain. Often insomnia, long-term lack of sleep can damage brain function, accelerate the decline and aging of brain cells, and cause neurasthenia, cerebral thrombosis and other cerebrovascular diseases. To treat insomnia, it is more important to face up to ourselves. So how do we deal with insomnia? First of all, we must face up to "insomnia". Insomnia is not a trivial matter, it is an external manifestation of our body state, and it is the first symptom of some mental diseases. There are more and more ways to treat insomnia. Some suggest drinking milk before going to bed, taking a hot bath, using noise-cancelling headphones, and soothing aromatherapy to help you sleep. However, we also need to recognize that these adjunctive methods can only relieve insomnia to a certain extent. Only by maintaining the peace of the spiritual world can the problem of insomnia be completely solved. Insomnia is just a symptom. We need to go into our hearts and explore the cause of insomnia. If it is caused by emotional reasons in the short term, then don’t worry too much, adjust your emotions as soon as possible, and insomnia will pass. And if it is insomnia caused by mental and psychological diseases, it should be taken seriously, because long-term development is not just as simple as being unable to sleep. As the saying goes, "heart disease requires medicine and medicine". Insomnia is a physical problem and a psychological problem. When we face mental problems, the heart disease of "insomnia" will naturally be cured by medicine.

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