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How much influence do family factors have on adolescent depression?

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How much influence do family factors have on adolescent depression?

Depression is a psychiatric disorder characterized by marked and persistent depression. Among mental illnesses, it has the highest suicide rate. The high incidence of depression among adolescents is mainly because adolescents are in the stage of psychological shaping during their growth and are easily stimulated by various factors to produce pessimistic emotions. In addition, teenagers are in a period of rebellion, and it is easy to lose the understanding of their families. How much influence do family factors have on adolescent depression? Family factors play an important role in the occurrence, development and treatment of depression in adolescents. Due to adolescents' self-awareness, changes in interpersonal relationships, and increased exposure to the Internet, family education cannot keep up with the changes in adolescents' thinking. When teenagers are unable to release their own pressure, cannot communicate well with their parents, and are in the pressure and anxiety environment created by society, they are prone to anxiety, depression and extreme emotions. Therefore, parents can neither neglect their children nor pay too much attention to their children. Why do many parents fail to see that their children have depression? Parents fail to find out that their children suffer from depression because there is an obvious generation gap between them, and parents lack communication with their children. Some children are reluctant to communicate with their parents because the parents do not have the correct communication skills, blame the child when the child shows depression, or because of the child's own character and growth environment, or because the parents and the child lack mental health knowledge, Adolescents do not seek effective help after developing psychological problems. According to the symptoms of adolescent depression patients, family members should take corresponding care. In daily communication, more trust and care should be given to patients, so that patients can gradually build up their confidence in life. For patients with severe depression who cannot take care of themselves at all, their families should assist them in their daily nursing work. Because adolescents do not form a systematic concept at this stage, they are more likely to have self-blame and guilt. Therefore, family members should accompany the patient more to ensure the safety of adolescent patients with depression. [Disclaimer: The materials and pictures used in this article are from the Internet and literature, and are only used for the popularization of medical knowledge. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete]

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