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Bipolar disorder relapse, usually with the following signals

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Bipolar disorder relapse, usually with the following signals

In the last article, we said that bipolar disorder is a mental illness that is prone to relapse. But its recurrence, there are rules to follow. How can we identify its recurrence signal? First, the early signs of bipolar relapse mania: first, you have a good temper, because you can’t control small things, you want to get angry, second, you speak faster than before, you always feel like you can’t finish speaking, and your voice is louder than before, third, I feel very energetic, I sleep three or four hours a day and I am very energetic. Fourth, I feel that my brain has become smarter, I am very confident, and I spend a lot of money. Fifth, I am in a very good mood, and I feel that everything around me is beautiful. Bipolar relapse is an early sign of depression: 1. Depressed, depressed, and easily angry. 2. Changes in sleeping habits, waking up early or sleeping too much. Three, lack of concentration, lack of energy, easy to fatigue. 4. Unwilling to participate in daily social activities, and suddenly not interested in things that were of interest before. If the above symptoms appear, it is recommended that family members actively take the patient to see a doctor and make adjustments in treatment to avoid aggravation!


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