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Suffering from depression, should I take a break, or continue to go to school and participate in work? see the situation

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Suffering from depression, should I take a break, or continue to go to school and participate in work? see the situation

Many people go to the relevant hospital for examination and diagnosis after discovering that they or their relatives are prone to depression, but they have the same doubt, after learning that they are suffering from depression, should they go home to rest, or continue to go to school and participate in work? ? Depression is divided into mild, moderate and severe. If the symptoms are mild, that is, it can be relieved through self-regulation, and the relief effect is also great, then it is generally recommended to continue to go to school or work. However, it should not be taken lightly. Patients need to formulate a plan for work, rest and diet, combine work and rest, cultivate hobbies, focus on things of interest, and slowly relieve their unhealthy mental state. If the symptoms are not severe, but it is often difficult to self-regulate, it is recommended not to lie down at home, and actively go out for activities, such as running, yoga, reading, shopping, singing, etc., to cultivate new hobbies, build new self-confidence and Life goals can help relieve mental stress. If the patient is not interested in many things, it is difficult to self-regulate, it is difficult to adjust and return to a normal state in terms of normal work, rest and diet, and if the patient is unable to concentrate on learning, it is recommended to intervene first. Because depression is more severe, it is generally difficult to participate in the things in life.

So how do you know if you are prone to depression? You can refer to the following symptoms for reference:

Performance 1. No motivation to do things you used to be interested in, gradually lose interest, no motivation to do anything, feel particularly weak and numb, I just want to lie down all the time and do nothing, but I always feel tired even though I haven't done anything. Manifestation 2. Disgusting yourself for feeling guilty and hating yourself. Once something goes wrong, you always look to yourself for the reason first, thinking that it was the fault caused by your own appearance, and feel particularly self-blame and hate yourself. Symptom 3. Memory decline When suffering from depression for a long time, many people will have a decline in memory, it is difficult to remember things, and they cannot concentrate. Even if they remember it on the spot, they soon forget it. I have an impression and my mind is confused, but I can't remember it. Performance 4. Poor sleep In terms of sleep, the common manifestations are insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, even if you are already very sleepy, you still can't sleep, your mind has been cranky, upset, and pessimistic. Some people will have symptoms of drowsiness, sleep all day, always feel that they are not getting enough sleep, and feel groggy all day long. Performance 5. Appetite changes When depression continues to a certain level, his appetite will begin to decline, he does not like to eat, even if the food he liked in the past is placed in front of his eyes, he is indifferent. It is not that he is not hungry, but that he is too lazy to eat. There are also binge eating, which has been used to vent mental stress by binge eating. Manifestation 6. Pessimism and despair Often feel pessimistic, sad and hopeless, feel powerless and disappointed in everything, feel that oneself is a person who should not exist, have thoughts of wanting to commit suicide, or act that hurts oneself. That’s all for today’s sharing. If you find yourself prone to depression, it is recommended to seek medical attention in time. Don’t avoid the doctor. The longer you delay, the easier your symptoms will worsen. Depression is not only easy for adults to suffer from, and teenagers are also very likely to suffer from it. It is recommended to pay attention to it. It should be reminded that if you are a parent, when your child tells you that he has these symptoms, don’t ignore it.


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