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"Hypnosis Feedback" Hypnosis is a key to open a new pulse of life

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"Hypnosis Feedback" Hypnosis is a key to open a new pulse of life

When my heart is like a small island, hypnosis is a ship that docks, accompany me to sail again, and lead me to open my heart again. I was mentally depressed because of the long-term habit of hoarding uncomfortable feelings or problems, or choosing to run away just to see the net. After a long time, my heart is overloaded, and I can no longer pretend that I have nothing to do. I can't just think that everything will be alright, and then I can cheer up again. Inner scarcity is like a broken roof, leaking water every time it rains. Just a year and a half ago, I started my first hypno-healing journey and poked the first layer of onion inside me. However, the long-term avoidance caused me to not know how to face the oncoming problems, which caused me to be troubled by my own emotions. The answer to the question also came to me, but at this time I was exhausted. Although I heard the call of the answer, I no longer had the confidence to believe that I could do it right in the face of the answer. I knew that I was here to meet someone who knew me, but I got lost in the path of exploration. I lost my self-confidence, felt that the world was no longer safe, and finally coalesced into one big chaos. I isolated myself as an island, and set up a lot of vigilance around the island. When the island was floating and sinking, a chance encounter led me into the most incredible healing journey - hypnosis. Accompanying others to the "third floor of heaven" for the first time, this is the first time I have met hypnotist Professor Rong Xinqi, and the peace of mind I felt at the first meeting made me determined to embark on this healing journey. During the hypnosis process, under the gentle and stable leadership of Professor Rong, I went from being unable to relax my body and mind to successfully entering the subconscious again and again. The more distant past life conversations, the messy knots in my heart were finally reorganized and unfolded in a new direction, which led me to a new perspective and interpretation of myself. Healing initiated by hypnosis is a daily practice that accompanies life. I slowly learned to let go of the tiredness and tension in my body, put my heart at ease, open my heart, and face the way to truly take care of myself. The light ahead will shine, I know, because that light is me, and I learned to believe in myself in hypnosis. Half a month after hypnosis, it is difficult to imagine the transformation and improvement that I can feel from the previous listlessness to the present. My inner firmness is slowly building, my own beliefs are more firmly supported, my heart is open for myself and for the world, I start to talk to the outside of the isolated island, start sailing to various places, and no longer close myself. Although there may still be worries in the process, I can comfort myself well, face it together with myself, and no longer run away in the face of problems, I am willing to try again, because I know I can, as long as I can, I will The first volunteer in my life. These kinds of transformations I did not expect, I am very grateful. Hypnosis is a key that opened my new pulse of life. Thank you Professor Rong for his leadership in the healing journey, deconstructing and connecting all kinds of problems and guiding me, so that I can gain a more confident, secure, and open-hearted me today. I am very grateful for the arrangement and encounter in life. , May everyone be able to navigate their own suitable way of life in life.

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