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Depression is not "squeamish" or "unreasonable", it is a disease

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Depression is not "squeamish" or "unreasonable", it is a disease

Many people have this understanding of depression: it’s okay, what’s wrong with depression at a young age, go back to sleep and you’ll be fine. How good is your life, you have a big fat son, and you have to go to the hospital every day. I went to various departments, and nothing happened. Depression is a disease, and the results that are not taken seriously may have serious consequences. Depression can be classified as mild, moderate or severe depending on its severity. People with mild depressive episodes may have difficulty continuing their daily work and social activities, but may not be completely incapacitated. During moderate to severe depressive episodes, patients are less likely to continue to engage in social activities, work, or household chores, if at all, to a limited extent. Let me share with you an example, Xiao Liu is one of my patients, and everything goes smoothly. Later, I suffered from depression for some reasons. At first, I only thought it was a temporary emotional problem, and I didn’t pay attention to it. Later, various symptoms began to appear, such as insomnia, gastrointestinal discomfort, and memory loss. I often suspected that I was seriously ill, and felt various Bad things will happen to her... The appearance of these symptoms brings a lot of inconvenience to her life, and even affects her normal work. Every time she doesn't sleep well, she has poor energy during the day, and she feels powerless at work. The loss of memory makes her work like walking on thin ice, because her work needs to memorize a lot of things, and poor memory will have a great impact. Hypochondria made her run around in various departments of the hospital, such as gastroenterology department, pain department...all kinds of examinations were done, there was no organic disease, and some symptomatic medicines did not help much. The symptoms of depression like Xiao Liu are still relatively insidious, and there are many somatic symptoms, which are easy to be misdiagnosed. Later, Xiao Liu saw some of my popular science about depression and felt very similar to himself, and then went to check and diagnosed depression, which was moderate. Through the comprehensive treatment of "3721", Xiao Liu's various physical symptoms have disappeared, his memory is also recovering, and the overall situation is developing in a positive direction. Share this example, or emphasize it again. I hope that everyone can recognize the disease of depression, diagnose and treat early, and extinguish the flames of depression at the beginning of depression. #depression# #focus on depression# #Chinese medicine#

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