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I never thought that one day, I would be targeted by the bad guy depression

Time:2023-03-26 01:58:45 author:Prevent anxiety Read:827次
I never thought that one day, I would be targeted by the bad guy depression

I never thought that one day, I would be targeted by the bad guy depression... This is the self-report of a depressed patient. She was emotionally broken because of a gynecological disease. Three years ago, she was diagnosed with a gynecological disease. Opening her mouth, she thought at that time, why her? She suffered from such a disease before she was married, and at that time she collapsed and cried. She didn't dare to tell her family, so she could only bear it silently... In order to see a doctor, she went to many hospitals, but the treatment effect was not good, what should I do? Is life like this? The breakup of her boyfriend who she had talked about for several years always came one after another. For some reason, the boyfriend she had talked about for several years broke up with her, which was undoubtedly worse for her. She started insomnia, couldn't sleep all night, was depressed, didn't have a talking friend by her side, and the loss, depression, and EMO hung over her. The result of not being able to sleep every day is to wake up the next day with weakness, back pain and dizziness. Then after a period of time, gastrointestinal problems occurred, often flatulence, hiccups, and went to the hospital for examination and there was no abnormality. When this patient came to see the doctor, she was in a very bad mental state, troubled by gynecological diseases, and the haze of depression made her very uncomfortable and kept crying. For her situation, first of all, the problem of gynecological diseases can be solved, which is the initial trigger. This gynecological problem can be treated by traditional Chinese medicine. Then comprehensively differentiated syndromes, adjusted and treated according to the principle of "3721", and added some medicinal materials for gynecological diseases. At the same time, I chatted with her a lot. She was enlightened about emotional problems and gynecological diseases. After a period of treatment, her gynecological problems were cured, and she felt that there was still hope in life, and it got better every time. Now she is in a new relationship, and her work is going well.


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