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What are the common symptoms of depression?

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What are the common symptoms of depression?

Depression is a relatively hidden disease that is easily overlooked. It becomes very serious when it is diagnosed, which makes the treatment of the disease more difficult. If it can be detected and treated early, it will be very important for the patient and the patient's family. is very beneficial. So how can we tell if we are depressed? These changes should be paid attention to, it may be depression. 1. Changes in mood and mood are often depressed and depressed, unable to cry by themselves, or taciturn, or suffering from inner pain, not interested in anything, not even interested in activities that they liked before, feeling that the future is slim, no hope. 2. Feeling tired due to changes in the body, sometimes palpitation, palpitations, or pain in a certain part of the body; or gastrointestinal discomfort, constipation, diarrhea; or problems with sex life. 3. Appetite changes. Appetite becomes worse, and you don’t want to eat the food you like, and the body becomes thin; or overeating occurs. 4. Changes in sleep often wake up in the middle of the night. The state of the two days; or it is difficult to fall asleep, and I can't sleep all night; or although I fall asleep, I can't sleep well, and my brain is like a movie, scene by scene. 5. The thinking changes, the reaction becomes slow, the reaction becomes slow, the thinking is negative, the self-evaluation is too low, and I feel that I am useless and a burden to others; I suspect that I am sick, or it is a serious disease; I am slow in behavior, lazy in life, and avoid interacting with people , bedridden all day, not wanting to work or go out. 6. Cognitive changes, poor memory, decreased concentration, and decreased learning ability. If the above-mentioned changes occur in the body, attention should be paid to it. It may be suffering from depression. #depression# #depression#

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