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The little girl suffers from depression, but the reason is surprising, many parents ignore this

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The little girl suffers from depression, but the reason is surprising, many parents ignore this

In the treatment of adolescent depression, it is necessary to understand the situation of each child. Some of the patients who come here are because of school factors, teachers and students, school bullying, and conflicts between teachers; some are because of family factors, poor parental relationship, parental divorce or too much pressure from parents...or some other factors , such as serious illness, changes in living environment, etc. Depression is caused by different reasons. When treating depression, just like my teacher Qin Jizhang said, "eat what you eat and stop what you eat". Specifically, it is to know what he is thinking, what he hopes to get, and what he needs, to resolve his psychological contradictions in a targeted manner, and to achieve a good effect through the "three seven two one" treatment principle. There is such a little girl, she is moderately depressed, her parents never thought that such a cheerful child would suffer from depression. The little girl is very beautiful, because she has acne on her face and is often teased by her classmates, so she becomes upset. Later, she hides in the room and refuses to see people. She looks in the mirror repeatedly, and uses various means to get rid of acne. I can't wait for them. disappear immediately. Many children with acne have this performance. It may be a very normal acne that makes the child depressed. Studies have shown that there is a close relationship between skin diseases and mental and psychological disorders. When the individual is always in the negative mood of anxiety and irritability, the more in such a bad mood, the more serious the acne will be. In the outpatient clinic, many teenagers have very serious "appearance anxiety", which makes them have low self-esteem, social difficulties, and violent mood swings. Continue to develop, it may lead to depression and other diseases. In addition, some younger women and even some older women have appearance anxiety. For this child's situation, first tell her that acne is relatively common and can be treated, it will not affect the future appearance, so don't worry too much; in terms of drug compatibility, in addition to regulating acne, soothing liver and relieving stagnation herbs It is also indispensable. At the same time, children are told to work and rest regularly, to have a balanced diet, and to adjust their mood. These factors are all factors that cause acne. Through the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, the acne on the little girl's face has improved, her mental state has also improved, and her symptoms of depression have gradually improved, and now she has returned to normal. For parents, paying attention to their children's physical and mental health and appearance anxiety should not be taken lightly, nor should they blindly blame their children for their vanity. Parents must see the deep psychological root behind appearance anxiety, seize the time to solve it, and truly enhance the child's self-confidence. For doctors, in addition to treating depression with symptomatic medication, it is also necessary to cooperate with psychological counseling to understand the root cause of children's depression, in order to fundamentally kill the bad guy depression. #health# #depression# #Chinese medicine# #family health guardian# ##health star plan#

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