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Depression, poor memory, insomnia, tired of studying

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Depression, poor memory, insomnia, tired of studying

This is a small patient with depression. Her main symptoms are depression, insomnia, poor appetite (occasionally overeating), poor memory, and reluctance to go to school. Through comprehensive syndrome differentiation, it is liver and spleen imbalance, heart and kidney insufficiency, and the principle of "three seven and two one" is used to regulate and reconcile the liver and spleen, nourish the heart and kidney, and use Suanzaoren powder, amber powder and Yuanhu powder for insomnia. Good sleep helps to have a good mood; in improving memory, Kong Shengzhen Zhongdan is used. This recipe has been used for many years and was created by Sun Simiao. It can improve memory and make people smart, and the effect is very good. After 2 months of treatment, the child said that his mood has improved, and his insomnia has been greatly improved. He fell asleep at 9:30 in the evening and got up at 7:00 in the morning, and the quality of sleep was good; he ate a lot but did not overeat. Because the little girl was overweight, she was told to control her diet. After I feel better, I am willing to go to school and take exams, but my memory is better, but it is still worse than before. I am a bit strenuous in studying, and I am easily tired. When I am tired, I feel sleepy. In view of the child's condition, raw astragalus is added on the basis of the original formula to nourish blood, improve fatigue, improve energy and spirit, and increase the dose of Kong Shengzhen Zhongdan to improve memory. For depressed patients with memory loss and slow reaction, such as students and white-collar workers, Kong Sheng Pillow Zhongdan is often used. Forget, Jiufu makes people smart. The condition of this young patient is still good. Her father said that she sometimes has emotional fluctuations, but the overall situation is still good. In fact, people have various emotions and six desires. Occasional mood swings are normal. It is allowed to have mood swings. When bad emotions appear, you may wish to vent them through some methods, which is good for the body and mind. #health quiz competition# #depression# #Chinese medicine#

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