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Smiling but mired in depression? 4 Symptoms of Smile Depression You Can't Ignore

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Smiling but mired in depression? 4 Symptoms of Smile Depression You Can't Ignore

Different from depression in general people's cognition, smiling depression is a very special type of depression. They look like nothing has happened, smiling all day, but they are deeply depressed and unable to extricate themselves from the quagmire and misery. Understanding the manifestations of smiling depression can be helpful for prevention and treatment. let's figure it out together. What are the symptoms of smiling depression? 1. Always smiling A smile should be a true emotional expression from the heart out, a natural expression of beautiful feelings and feelings. But for people with smiling depression, a smile on their face is a defense. They are protective masks worn by patients when they face danger or injury, and are not a representation of a real hospital at all. Their hearts are extremely fragile, and their nerves are at stake, but they still smile and act as if nothing happened, not wanting to show their vulnerable side. 2. Don't admit to having depression Smile Depressed people are armed with a smile because they just don't want others to know they have depression. People's opinions on depression are still mixed. Many people have a lot of prejudice against depression patients themselves, leading to smiling depressed patients who dare not admit that they have depression, fearing prejudice or other deeper harm. Therefore, smiling depression patients never admit that they have depression, and will disguise themselves in various ways. 3. It's easy to be overlooked and smile Depressed sufferers are miserable, just like other depression sufferers. They constantly deny themselves, have no intention of living in this world, and even tend to commit suicide. However, the difference between them and ordinary depression patients is that they do not show on their faces, they are still active in social life and full of enthusiasm. It is because of this that people ignore them, and outsiders simply cannot alleviate their pain because they cannot understand their pain. 4. Severe Depression Suffering Although smiling depressed people appear to be indifferent, they are still suffering from depression and struggling in the quagmire. Depression can bring serious negative emotions to people, and patients will feel very uncomfortable pain in their hearts. They are always struggling between life and death. Patients experience listlessness, loss of appetite, sleep disturbance, fatigue, and even suicidal thoughts. [Disclaimer: The materials and pictures used in this article are from the Internet and literature, and are only used for the popularization of medical knowledge. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete]

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