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What's with the wet palms? Love to sweat or get sick! These ways can improve

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What's with the wet palms? Love to sweat or get sick! These ways can improve

Generally, excessive stress, staying in a high temperature environment, and sweating hands after strenuous exercise will disappear after removing these factors. However, some people are prone to sweating hands even in quiet, low temperature environments, and their palms are always wet, what the hell is going on. What diseases are common in sweaty hands? 1. Hyperhidrosis Hyperhidrosis includes two types, one is primary hyperhidrosis, which is closely related to genetics, and it is easy to sweat when overexcited, nervous or anxious. In addition to sweating on the hands, feet and armpits, the head and face will also sweat, with symmetrical sweating, which is relieved in a quiet state; one is secondary hyperhidrosis, often secondary to hyperthyroidism, tumors , Some congenital diseases, diabetes, etc., manifested as night sweats when sleeping at night, you should go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination as soon as possible. 2. Sweat herpes eczema Sweat herpes eczema is common in autumn. The main manifestations are small blisters on the finger pulp, thenar area, and feet. After the blisters burst, the skin peels off, thereby exposing the delicate skin. After a few days, the skin becomes dry and cracked again. and pain. Sweat herpetic eczema is a self-limiting disease that resolves in about two weeks. How to relieve sweaty hands? 1. Correctly use anti-anxiety drugs to eliminate negative emotions such as tension, fear and anxiety. In severe cases, use anti-anxiety drugs under the guidance of a doctor. It is worth mentioning that tranquilizers, sedatives and anti-anxiety drugs can easily cause general weakness, fatigue, lethargy, and inability to concentrate when doing things. Long-term use can easily lead to drug dependence. 2. Soak hands with alum solution for external lotion for about 10 minutes and continue to use for about a week. Alum has astringent effect and helps relieve the problem of hand sweat. However, long-term use of topical lotion is likely to cause wrinkling, peeling and dryness of the skin on the hands, and the curative effect lasts for a short time. If the condition is severe, you may wish to take anticholinergic drugs under the guidance of a doctor. 3. Carnitine injection Carnitine injection into the palm of the hand can reduce sweating for about 1 to 3 months. However, there will be obvious pain during injection, and multiple points need to be found and injected repeatedly. A little carelessness may cause palm surface infection, and the treatment is expensive. 4. Surgical treatment If the sweaty hands are serious and you want to achieve the effect of radical cure, you can go to the hospital for treatment, and perform relevant surgical operations after a clear diagnosis. Warm reminder that sweaty palms will not affect the health of the body, and most of them do not require special treatment. The condition will gradually ease with age. You should wash your hands frequently, carry a tissue with you, and wipe it every once in a while. Sweaty palms are generally closely related to emotional activities. When you are nervous, you sweat more, so you should calm your mind. When you feel nervous, you can relieve it by listening to music, deep breathing or meditation. It is worth noting that there is a lot of sweating on the head and face, sweating profusely in a quiet state during the day, sweating more in the middle of the night, and sweating when there is pain, etc. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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