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woman, come out of the dry haze

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woman, come out of the dry haze

What does it feel like to cry without tears? I'm afraid no one knows better than me. I am a 40 year old woman with the appearance of a 70 year old. People often say that there are no ugly women in the world, only lazy ones, but it's not because I'm lazy and don't like to take care of it. One day 2 years ago, I woke up in the morning with a terrible toothache, my face was swollen, and the dentist told me that it was root inflammation. I could barely speak, the only thing I could eat was soup, which I had to drink through a straw. I am "water addicted", I have to drink a glass of water every two or three minutes, and I still feel thirsty. Due to drinking too much water, I couldn't sleep peacefully, and I had to run to the toilet several times every night, which made me very haggard. After a few weeks, my eyes started to hurt. Heat, air conditioning, wind and dust fueled my burning eyes. At the moment of sadness, "there is no rain without thunder", even if it encounters very sad things, I can't cry. Although I drank a lot of water, I rarely sweated, even when doing strenuous exercise such as running. The skin was cracked and peeled layer by layer, and the dry face looked like an old pine tree. My sex life with my husband was even worse. After sex, I have pain and discomfort for 1-2 weeks, and it's fine if I use a condom. Later, after a blood test conducted by the Department of Rheumatology and Immunology, I was diagnosed with "Sjögren's Syndrome". The doctor explained that the disease can cause vaginal dryness and painful intercourse, and condoms are fine because they have lubricants on the surface, which can avoid frictional damage.

Mysterious Sjögren's Syndrome

Sjögren's syndrome was first described by Swedish ophthalmologist Henrik Yugren in 1933. Our immune system has always acted as a defense against disease and inflammation. If the immune system is confused, often fighting with its own tissues, and mistakenly attacking its own water-producing glands such as lacrimal and salivary glands, reducing the production of saliva and tears, this rheumatic immune disease will be triggered. For many years, Sjögren's syndrome has been relatively unknown in my country, and it was not noticed until after 1980. The common people and even non-specialists lack awareness of Sjögren's syndrome, which makes it difficult for patients to be diagnosed. The first diagnosis of patients is often not to the rheumatology and immunology department, but to the stomatology department, ophthalmology department or gynecology department. There are many detours in the treatment. Sjögren's syndrome loves to entangle female compatriots. More than 90% of the patients are female, and the main age is 40-60 years old. Victim age. It can appear alone and is called "primary Sjögren's syndrome", or it can appear several years after the onset of rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, primary biliary cirrhosis, etc. , known as "secondary Sjögren's syndrome". The etiology is still unclear, and it is generally believed to be a combination of multiple factors such as genetics, viral infection, and abnormal sex hormones. It is important to note that this disease is not contagious. Its clinical manifestations are complex and diverse. Most patients take 5 to 10 years from symptom to diagnosis. The two most common complaints are: dry eyes or dry mouth, feeling very tired and sore. Sjögren's syndrome may damage key organs, such as the lungs, causing pulmonary fibrosis; and the kidneys, causing renal tubular acidosis or renal failure. What is more prominent is that the probability of this group of people suffering from lymphoma and bone marrow tumors is 40 times that of the normal population, so it is particularly important to check and detect as soon as possible to prevent the further development of the disease.

Shining lights

☆ Dry mouth feels dry for more than 3 months, and drinking water can't relieve it. Due to the low amount of saliva, the mouth is always sticky, making it difficult to chew, swallow and speak. The sense of smell may change, the voice is hoarse, the throat is itchy, the cough is always uncomfortable, and sometimes the nose bleeds. Drinking a small amount of water and using special mouthwashes, gels, sprays, artificial saliva, etc. can relieve discomfort and replace part of the function of saliva; chewing sugar-free chewing gum can stimulate the secretion of salivary glands. ☆ Dry eyes have symptoms of dry eyes for more than 3 months. Eyes can feel sore and itch easily, like there is sand. Vision gradually blurred, little or no tears, and even no tears when excited or sad. The thick substance accumulates in the corners of the eyes, making it difficult to open the eyes when getting up. If not treated properly, Sjögren's syndrome can cause corneal ulcers and can lead to uveitis, cataracts, and glaucoma. Since the eyes are very dry, do not use contact lenses, wear black or tinted glasses, and use eye drops. ☆ The skin of patients with dry skin can be normal in the early stage. As the disease progresses, the secretion of sweat glands can be affected, sweating is reduced, or even no sweat, causing dry skin, scaling and itching. Use less or no alkaline soaps, use neutral soaps, apply moisturizing lotions and emollients, and use a humidifier in your bedroom and work. ☆ Vaginal dryness in 1/3 of Sjogren's syndrome patients may have vulvar and vaginal dryness. In severe cases, vaginal burning or dyspareunia may occur. Even during the excitement period of sexual life, there is little or no vaginal secretion, which is easy to bruise and cause sexual intercourse. Sexual discomfort and even pain. Patients are prone to gynecological infections, so they need to pay more attention to personal hygiene, and both parties must be cleaned before sex. It is recommended to use water-soluble lubricants, and never use fat-soluble lubricants, because oily lubricants will adhere to the vagina, which is difficult to remove and easily induces vaginal infections. ☆ Rampant caries Although we brush our teeth every day and rinse our mouths, in fact, the physiological function of cleaning the oral cavity mainly depends on the secretion of saliva every moment. Saliva can fight against bacteria, saliva decreases, teeth lose the moisturizing, rinsing and nourishing effects of saliva, and it is easy to develop tooth decay, and the tooth body gradually turns black. In severe cases, all teeth may rot in a short period of time (months or years). , and fall off in pieces, and finally only the residual root is left. Because the occurrence and lesion degree of this kind of caries are far more serious than ordinary caries, it is called "rampant caries" in medicine. Brushing your teeth after meals, using mouthwash and dental floss to remove the debris in the mouth, and doing regular oral examinations can help prevent oral infections and dental caries. ☆ Joint pain Unexplained joint pain. Exercise maintains flexibility in joints and muscles.

Interfering with our sexuality and reproduction

Harvard Medical School Dr. Sullivan and others analyze blood hormones in women with Sjögren's syndrome level, and found a lack of androgen substances in the body. Sjögren's syndrome has a greater impact on sexual life. Dr. Monica, University Hospital of Bern, Switzerland published her research results in the second issue of "Clinical Rheumatology Practice and Research" in 2009, saying that we usually ignore rheumatism. The patient's sexual status, such disorders can affect the patient's sexual function, but this can be improved with intervention and counseling. Autoantibodies are present in most rheumatic diseases and can interfere with fertilization, implantation, embryonic development and placental function, disrupt the function of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis, and then cause gonadal dysfunction. Drug treatment is more difficult. Improper use of immunosuppressive drugs can cause toxic effects, causing temporary or permanent damage to the gonads of men or women. For example, it can cause irregular menstruation, or even endocrine disorders such as menopause, while men will experience sperm reduction. Once the drug is stopped, the above phenomena will disappear and have no effect on sexual life. Certain antibodies in patients with Sjögren's syndrome may cause a slowing of the fetal heartbeat and even affect fetal heart development. Therefore, the fetus should be monitored regularly. Neonates with lupus erythematosus with congenital heart block have a relatively high probability. The International Journal of Internal Medicine discusses the relationship between Sjögren's syndrome and congenital heart block, a report of a 64-year-old Caucasian woman with primary Sjögren's syndrome who has 5 children, 2 of them Suffering from congenital heart block. With the advancement of medicine, monitoring in place and consulting a doctor will help to plan the best plan, so that patients with Sjögren's syndrome can get pregnant and have children smoothly.

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