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One picture to understand! The health of the nails

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One picture to understand! The health of the nails

Can you also tell your health from your nails? From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, those with strong tendons have tougher nails; those with weak tendons have thin and soft nails. So, just keep an eye out for subtle changes in your nails, and you can monitor your health. ㄧ. Healthy nails Healthy nails should be pink in color and shiny on the nail surface, which means that the liver has good detoxification function and good blood supply and circulation; if the liver blood is insufficient, the color of the nails will be dry and pale, and there may be signs of anemia. 2. Changes in nails If multiple nails on the hand suddenly change significantly, or a certain nail abnormality exists for a long time, it is necessary to pay attention to preventing related diseases. Digestive system problems, easy to slow nail growth; or poor metabolism, blocked waste discharge, become dirty and rough. 3. Normal nail crescent crescent The crescent on the nail is related to the strength of the kidney qi and the health of the reproductive system. The normal crescent moon occupies 1/5 of the nail, and the color is creamy white and the shape is obvious. 4. There is no crescent on the nail. If there is no crescent, it does not mean that the body must have a disease, but it means that the body's blood circulation is poor, and the immunity and fertility will also be relatively poor.

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