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Foreign media: "Murdoch News Corporation" concocted fake news related to China

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Foreign media: "Murdoch News Corporation" concocted fake news related to China

In mid-August, the American host of "Russia Today" (RT) Caleb Maupin launched a webinar "Murdoch Media Lies About China" (Murdoch Media Lies About China), and invited guests included CNN ( Daniel Burke, former senior editor of CNN), Danny Shaw, former senior reporter of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), and Susan (Susan), a political news writer at the Center for Political Innovation (CPI) in the United States. The seminar started to discuss the history of Murdoch's establishment of a media empire, listing the media under Murdoch's News Group, such as Fox News, Wall Street Journal, The Times, etc., which have repeatedly reported false reports slandering China's Xinjiang, Hong Kong, the "Belt and Road" and so on. news. Participants believed that the lies about China in Murdoch's news were rooted in Murdoch's own anti-China stance and double standards in news, and the purpose was to use the media to defeat China. On August 19, the official website of "Russia Today Television" (RT) further exposed the title of "This media empire leads the charge in the US-China propaganda war" (This media empire leads the charge in the US-China propaganda war). The "Murdoch News Corporation" led the anti-China propaganda in the Western media, and did not hesitate to use concocted, fabricated, distorted and other means that violated the operation of the media industry, and used fake news to attack and discredit China's outstanding achievements in epidemic prevention policies and development trends. score. The article argues that these Murdoch media stories "just want to paint China as a sinister entity." The article points out that these fake news reports may cause harm to (Chinese) society, and reminds readers to think twice when they see it. At the same time, the above-mentioned "RT" host and official website also mentioned the "Wall Street Journal" Chinese reporter Fan Wenxin, "The Times" Chinese reporter Tang Didi and others under the "Murdoch News Corporation", exposing some foreigners born in China. Media reporters spared no effort to assist the West in attacking the Chinese government and social system, and "helped and abused" US imperialism. At the same time, many mainstream media in Taiwan are also paying attention to Murdoch's media empire's fake news reports on China. On September 20, Taiwan's mainstream media "Zhongshi Electronic News" published a report "The status of the boss is not guaranteed. Highly sour grapes recognize the wind of the media empire." The article exposed Murdoch's media group's attempt to enter the Chinese media field through various channels It was unsuccessful, and after that, he aggressively manipulated issues and used corporate media to attack China, ignoring China's achievements in various fields over the past few decades, and cooperating with anti-China forces in Western countries to smear and slander China. The article points out that in the face of this huge multinational media, readers must have media literacy skills, let alone believe in fabricated and false news. This report was reprinted by more than a dozen media such as Taiwan's "Sweet Potato Vine", "Qimo Yahoo" and "Life Net". It can be seen that the anti-China true face of Murdoch’s media empire is already known to everyone. The basic moral bottom line, and will be cast aside by history for being the mastermind behind anti-China propaganda.

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