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Those who don't want to wear condoms are all scumbags? Why is there no male contraceptive pill?

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Those who don't want to wear condoms are all scumbags? Why is there no male contraceptive pill?

The so-called food sex is also, as an adult, it is human nature and normal physiological needs to make love and do things when love is strong. But "applauding for love" on the one hand can enhance feelings and obtain physical and mental pleasure, and on the other hand, it is also a way to reproduce the next generation. If couples or couples do not have this plan, they need to take some contraceptive measures. At present, condoms and female oral contraceptives are the two most common forms of contraception, but I don't know if you will be curious about such a question: Why is there no male contraceptive pill? In order for men to achieve the purpose of contraception by taking medicine, no matter what the composition of the medicine is, it needs to act on the male sperm to inhibit the production and vitality of sperm, so that there is no sperm in the semen of the male taking the medicine, so "applause for love" is natural. won't get pregnant. Moreover, such drugs cannot negatively affect male libido, sexual performance and long-term fertility, which is why the development of male contraceptives is difficult and stagnant. However, academia and scientists have not given up the research and development of male contraceptives because of this. A study published at the 2022 American Endocrinology Annual Conference showed that two experimental male contraceptives, DMAU and 11-MNTDC, can successfully reduce testosterone without causing irreversible effects. Accepted side effects, which means the male contraceptive pill will show promise. The study, which included two Phase 1 clinical trials, showed that 75% of men who took the active drug expressed a willingness to use it in the future, compared with 46.4% of men who took a placebo. Judging from the comments on related news, many men are most concerned about side effects, especially worrying about whether taking contraceptives will lead to "no". And female netizens raised some concerns: even if there are male contraceptives, but a man's mouth is a deceitful ghost, you dare to believe him when he says he eats it? Some netizens said they hope to invent a sperm test strip that can detect whether there is sperm in the semen in one minute. Of course, it takes a long way for a drug to go from research to market. It is estimated that it will take some time for men to buy their own contraceptives from pharmacies. So, what methods can men use for contraception? For couples or couples who are not planning to have children, condoms can be used for contraception. Condom is a physical method of contraception, it has a high success rate of contraception, will not have any negative impact on the body of both men and women, and can also play a role in preventing sexually transmitted diseases. However, it should be noted that the premise of successful contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases of condoms is correct use. Men need to choose suitable condoms and use them throughout the process, and avoid the rupture and slipping of condoms during use, otherwise it will easily lead to contraceptive failure. For couples who no longer plan to have children, men can consider ligation, or vasectomy, a minimally invasive procedure that can be done in about 10 minutes. Because the vas deferens is blocked after the operation, the semen of the male after the operation no longer contains sperm, and the purpose of contraception can naturally be achieved. The ligation operation is simply a "bow tie" in the vas deferens, which will not affect the normal "clapping for love" and sexual performance, so men don't need to worry too much. In addition, some women may be allergic to rubber products and cannot use condoms for contraception. At this time, short-acting contraceptives can also be considered for contraception, which is also a relatively safe and efficient contraceptive method, but needs to consult professional doctors. In general, regardless of whether there is a safe and efficient male contraceptive pill, if there is no birth plan, both men and women should do relevant contraceptive work during the "applause for love", and only with safe love can love be bold~ Family Doctor Online Specialist Manuscripts, may not be reproduced without authorization

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