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Can essential oil massage really maintain the ovaries? What should women pay attention to when maintaining their ovaries?

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Can essential oil massage really maintain the ovaries? What should women pay attention to when maintaining their ovaries?

Women with young ovaries age slowly, and poor ovarian function can affect estrogen secretion, resulting in dull and dull skin, out of shape, general weakness and poor mental state, and vaginal dryness. In recent years, most beauty salons have launched ovarian oil massage, claiming that it can maintain the ovaries and delay the speed of aging. Is this really effective? Does Ovarian Oil Massage Really Work? The so-called ovarian oil massage mechanism is as follows: the massage method allows the drug to penetrate into the ovary through the subcutaneous capillaries, thereby maintaining the ovary and delaying aging, but this is simply nonsense. If too much estrogen is added to the essential oil, the skin can indeed feel better in a short period of time, but long-term use can increase the risk of ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer and breast cancer; massage can only promote local blood circulation, not at all. Maintaining the ovaries does not delay aging. How to maintain the ovaries? 1. Puberty After entering puberty, the ovaries gradually become larger, and the ovaries play their role, which can discharge mature follicles and secrete estrogen; at the same time, the reproductive organs and breasts also slowly mature, the growth rate accelerates, and menstruation comes. At this stage, you should maintain a normal body weight. Excessive dieting and weight loss will cause ovarian dysfunction; but it should not be too fat. Too fat can affect ovarian function, cause oligomenorrhea, and even lead to amenorrhea. Scientific weight control can promote the recovery of ovarian function and adjust Menstrual cycle. 2. The childbearing age period begins at the age of 18 and enters the childbearing age period, which has a total of 30 years. At this stage, the ovary functions mature and begins to secrete male hormones, forming a regular menstrual cycle, and the sexual function is relatively strong, which is the golden period of fertility. At this stage, the bad habits of smoking, drinking, and staying up late should be corrected to avoid damaging ovarian function, causing menstrual disorders and infertility in light cases, and premature ovarian failure in severe cases. Master scientific contraceptive methods, avoid abortion or drug abortion, so as not to damage the uterus and ovaries. Some women experience reduced menstrual flow or amenorrhea after miscarriage, so use proper contraception. 3. Menopause Menopause ovarian function decline, irregular menstruation, mainly manifested as hot flashes, large mood swings, sweating and depression, irritability and so on. At this stage, exogenous estrogen should be supplemented scientifically under the guidance of a doctor, maintaining a peaceful mind, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, and exercising more. It is a warm reminder that menopausal women are at increased risk of developing gynecological tumors, the most terrifying of which is ovarian cancer. Therefore, they should go to the hospital for relevant examinations regularly to detect ovarian, vaginal and uterine lesions as early as possible. It is worth reminding that women cannot supplement estrogen at will. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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