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The pathogenesis of mania may be related to neurological factors

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The pathogenesis of mania may be related to neurological factors

The types of mania are as follows: 1. Juvenile schizophrenia is often misdiagnosed as mania, and the opposite happens from time to time, because schizophrenia may also have Circulatory course, clinical manifestations may also have motor excitement, but after several onsets of schizophrenia, the circulatory course gradually becomes less obvious, and it is a chronic progressive course. Although the clinical phase is excited and restless, the emotions are not relaxed and happy Instead, they are moody and impulsive in their behaviors. Clinically, some patients with bipolar disorder do have psychotic features that are not in harmony with their moods, but the duration is short-lived and increases with the course of the disease. 2. Some drugs such as corticosteroids, isoniazid, and Adipin poisoning can cause manic state in patients with moderately ill psychosis. According to the drug history, drug time, dose and the relationship between the onset, the drug will gradually improve after the drug is stopped or reduced. Toxic psychosis is often accompanied by varying degrees of disturbance of consciousness. 3. Cerebral organic psychosis · such as paralytic dementia, senile psychosis can appear manic state, but often with intellectual disability, emotion is not high, but mainly euphoria, detailed medical history, physical and nervous system examination To help identify, mental disorders caused by somatic diseases Hyperthyroidism can appear hypomanic state, but emotions are not really high, but mainly anxiety and emotional instability, accompanied by symptoms and signs of primary somatic diseases.

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