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Does a woman's menstrual cycle detoxify her body? What should I pay attention to when menstruation comes?

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Does a woman's menstrual cycle detoxify her body? What should I pay attention to when menstruation comes?

In the minds of many women, there is always a wrong idea, that is, menstrual bleeding is to excrete toxins from the body. As soon as they find that their menstrual blood volume is low, they think that the toxins are not excreted from the body, and they will try their best to expel all kinds of toxins. There is no close relationship between menstruation and detoxification, and menstrual bleeding is not the body's detoxification. Why isn't the body detoxifying during menstruation? Generally speaking, the detoxification of the human body is mainly through the decomposition of various enzymes in the liver and the excretion of toxins through the kidneys. Menstruation is a cyclical bleeding unique to women. Because the ovaries experience follicle development, ovulation and corpus luteum formation and atrophy every month, when the follicles Under the action of hormones, the endometrial lining will shed periodically and menstruation will form. Menstrual blood is mixed with blood components and exfoliated cervical tissue and mucus. There is no toxin in the body. Therefore, menstrual bleeding has nothing to do with detoxification. Do not detox blindly. Some methods will harm the uterus. Use can harm the body. What should women pay attention to during menstruation? 1. Do not eat raw and cold food All kinds of raw and cold food will make uterine cramps aggravate dysmenorrhea, and will also make the uterus cold and make menstrual blood difficult to discharge, pay attention to keep warm, do not take cold showers, cold will damage the uterus and affect the discharge of menstrual blood . 2. Do a good job of sanitation During menstruation, because menstrual blood will make the local area moist and easy to breed bacteria, you should do a good job of hygienic cleaning, wash the local area with warm water every day and keep it dry, and choose comfortable and breathable underwear to avoid the breeding of bacteria and let the bacteria enter the private parts trigger inflammation. Be careful not to use the lotion casually, as the lotion will destroy the resistance of the private parts and cause related diseases. 3. Do not stay up late. The resistance is weak during the menstrual period. Often staying up late will make the body unable to repair. When the virus invades, it is easy to be infected and cause diseases, such as upper respiratory tract infection, various inflammatory infections, etc. Go to bed early and get up early to maintain enough sleep time for the body to repair and strengthen the resistance. 4. Private parts bleed during menstruation without swimming. Swimming is easy for bacteria to invade and cause inflammation. You can choose a soothing exercise method, such as walking, yoga, etc., and pay attention to avoid excessive exercise to prevent physical damage. 5. Supplementary nutrition Menstrual resistance is weak, you can eat more foods with high protein and vitamins, supplement nutrition, such as eggs, milk, soy milk, various lean meats and other foods, pay attention not to eat spicy, irritating and greasy foods to avoid affecting menstruation. Tips: Various precautions during menstruation can avoid physical harm. In addition to the above points, you should also pay attention not to have intimate behaviors, otherwise it is easy for various germs to enter the local area and cause diseases, and it is also easy for the endometrium to grow in other places. , causing endometriosis, affecting conception. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization


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