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How to adjust to make stool normal?

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How to adjust to make stool normal?

Why is the stool not formed? It must be related to the food. It is often greasy, seasoned, and likes heavy taste. Over time, the intestines will be spoiled. Then the solution is that the taste should be small and fresh, not heavy taste, and changing the diet structure. If you follow the first step and there is no obvious effect, then go to the second step. The second step is to pay attention to healthy living habits. Go to bed early, get up early, don’t stay up late, defecate regularly, and go to the toilet at a designated time regardless of whether you have a feeling of defecation. When you go to the toilet, it is forbidden to read newspapers or mobile phones, and you must concentrate on defecation. The third step is moderate exercise. On the basis of dietary control, exercise, sweat, and adjust yourself. Exercise 3 times a week and sweat for more than 45 minutes each time. Persistence is victory. After the first three steps, most bowel problems can be solved. If it has not been resolved, the fourth step of drug treatment is required. The fourth step is drug treatment. Dialectical conditioning can be done through traditional Chinese medicine. If the patient's constipation is caused by old age and physical weakness and feeling of exogenous pathogens, it is necessary to take medicines under the guidance of a doctor to improve, such as Maziren pills, Runchang pills, etc.

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