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After taking antidepressants for 1 month, the stomach problem is miraculously cured. What is the principle?

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After taking antidepressants for 1 month, the stomach problem is miraculously cured. What is the principle?

The patient Xiao Zhang has been suffering from stomach problems for the past two years. The main symptoms are frequent stomach pains, indigestion, and sometimes constipation. He went to the hospital for various examinations, including gastroscopy twice, but no major problems were found. I have also changed several doctors, but the effect is not very obvious after taking the medicine. Until a colleague's words "Are you a little depressed?" caught his attention inadvertently. After checking online, he went to the local hospital to see a doctor. The doctor gave a diagnosis of moderate depression and prescribed a few prescriptions. Kinds of medicine, let him take it on time. About two weeks after taking the medicine, Xiao Zhang felt that his body was much more relaxed than before, and he continued to take it for another two weeks. To his surprise, the stomach problem that had been tormenting him repeatedly turned out to be miraculously healed, and the quality of sleep had also improved. , I can't help but wonder...

Can antidepressants treat stomach problems?

People's emotions have a great impact on the gastrointestinal digestive system. When people are in a state of tension, anxiety or sadness and disappointment, a series of stomach symptoms will appear. Depression is a mental and psychological disease with typical emotional symptoms as the core, but it is usually manifested by physical discomfort, such as dizziness, palpitation, physical exhaustion and lack of energy, gastrointestinal discomfort, sleep disturbance, etc. When these similar symptoms appear, most people will go to the corresponding department according to the discomfort of the specific body part, the more common ones are gastroenterology and cardiology. And most of them did not find any major problems after the examination, but they did not improve after taking medication. And the reason why Xiao Zhang's stomach problem got better after taking one of the depressant drugs is not because the depressant can treat the stomach problem, but because the reason for his stomach problem is not the problem of organic disease, but because it is depression one of the symptoms of the disease.

In addition to "camouflaging" as a gastrointestinal disease, depression has these "camouflages"!

According to rough statistics, more than 30% of patients with depression and anxiety will mistake it for gastrointestinal diseases and go to the department of gastroenterology. Therefore, in addition to improving the clinical experience of doctors, ordinary people should also pay more attention to mental and psychological health, and be able to detect their own problems in time and scientifically choose treatment methods. Sleep disturbance is a typical symptom of psychiatric diseases, and it is also a symptom that is easy to detect in its early stage. Common manifestations include insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, light sleep, and easy awakening. However, if drowsiness occurs, be careful. In clinical practice, there will be a small number of patients with depression whose symptoms are not very typical. Not only do they not suffer from insomnia, but they sleep too well and sleep longer than normal, and they also have excessive appetite and increase their weight significantly. Get rid of the misunderstanding that "only when you can't sleep is depression"!

So, what does depression look like?

Depressed mood, can't be happy, sad and sad; loss of interest, even the activities that I like on weekdays feel boring; physical exhaustion and loss of energy, as if there is a heavy burden on my body, even if I have not done anything I still feel very uncomfortable Tired; the whole person becomes very lazy, do not want to clean up and dress up, and even feel exhausted to get up and eat; gastrointestinal discomfort, nausea, vomiting, inability to eat, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, etc.; sleep disorders, insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, easy to wake up , light sleep, or drowsiness; in addition, some people are accompanied by dizziness, headache, and other physical pain manifestations. If you suspect that you are prone to depression, you can perform a scale evaluation on the homepage, or you can conduct online counseling on Enen's psychology!

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