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Nanchang Erqi Hospital charges open and transparent

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Nanchang Erqi Hospital charges open and transparent

Nanchang Erqi Hospital strictly regulates the charging standards, implements the transparent charging system, the medical cost list system, the medical price publicity system, and the one-day list system for hospitalization expenses. Under the supervision of the majority of patients. The hospital has always adhered to the strategy of "revitalizing the hospital with science and education, and strengthening the hospital with talents", focusing on the core concept of "patient health as the center", positioning high-quality medical services. The expert consultation platform of the hospital brings together the first-line medical resources, and the big coffee gathers together to form a strong alliance. Through regular joint consultations, it provides precise treatment plans for patients with difficult encephalopathy, and creates a development pattern of "hospitals have advantages and specialties have characteristics". (1) Regular hospital: Our hospital is not only a regular hospital of a medical unit under the Nanchang Municipal Health and Health Commission, but also approved and designated by the Nanchang Municipal Health and Health Commission: Mental Health Intervention - Designated Service Center, which specializes in providing professional services for patients with mental and psychological diseases, Site-specific, designated, interventional treatment centers. Treatment professional norms, open and transparent fees, in line with national standards. (3) Regular hospital: The state approves the regular professional hospital, the affiliated medical unit of Nanchang University, and the technical cooperation hospital of the Nanchang Mental Hospital. The professional standards are strictly followed by the regulations of the Price Bureau. There is no excessive consumption.


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