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Boys are more likely to suffer from delusional disorder

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Boys are more likely to suffer from delusional disorder

Delusional disorders are common, and they often visit some male friends. We need to know more about paranoia, and we must have a clear understanding of which delusions men are prone to suffer from. In this way, we can take some preventive measures. And it will also bring some help to the treatment, to see what kind of delusional disorder men are prone to. Reasons for boys suffering from delusional disorder 1. The main obstacle is the lack of basic trust in others, which is characterized by the use of "negative effect" and "extrajection effect" to deal with their psychological difficulties. 2. The illusion of power and power is actually very strong when we are very young, and the delusion of ability is motivated by the natural desire of men. At the same time, behind the delusion of ability hides a man's doubt about the power of his own natural desire. 3. There are many delusional patients, and there may be some secrets in their hearts that others think are hidden, and the guilt and fear are very strong, and they are very afraid of being known. 4. In addition to the influence of personal factors, the content of delusions is also affected by social and cultural factors because of the special environment or long-term stress of some patients. 5. People in the same family have a higher chance of being suspicious, secretive or jealous. Head injuries and alcoholism have all been linked to the onset of delusional disorder.


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