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Anxiety disorders on the rise among teens

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Anxiety disorders on the rise among teens

1. Psychological symptoms: 1. Anxiety and fear: Because anxiety disorder itself is a mental disorder mainly manifested by inexplicable anxiety and fear, when adolescent anxiety disorder attacks, there may be symptoms of fear of going to school and nervousness; 2. , Autism: Teenagers are in the rebellious period of youth, and they have a certain rebellious mentality. If anxiety disorder occurs due to excessive study pressure or mental stress, teenagers will be reluctant to communicate with friends or family members, and they will often close themselves in the bedroom. 2. Physical symptoms: 1. Difficulty breathing: Adolescents with anxiety disorders will always feel that unfortunate things have happened to themselves or their relatives, worry too much about things that have not happened, and be in a state of tension for a long time, thus causing breathing difficulties; 2. Loss of appetite: If you stay in mental stress for a long time, it may cause the patient to have abnormal gastrointestinal function, resulting in loss of appetite, indigestion and other symptoms; 3. Restlessness: adolescents with anxiety disorders, due to anxiety and tension Emotional influence, there will be restlessness. In severe cases, it can affect personal learning, and may even affect the classroom learning atmosphere and other students. How to relieve anxiety for teenagers 1. To set goals that are too difficult to achieve. Not only are too difficult goals to achieve, they will not only be stressful, but also cause depression. When the goals are not achieved, they will also lose interest in learning. Start with small goals and work toward bigger goals. 2. Exercise more, exercise can make people temporarily forget the troubles of exams, sweating will speed up metabolism, and breathing fresh air will calm down the mood. 3. Believe in yourself. When anxiety strikes, you can repeatedly tell yourself "there is no problem", "I can deal with it", "I can do better than others". Such psychological hints can stabilize your emotions. 4. Self-relaxation can be adjusted by the method of self-conscious relaxation. .

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