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"Suppressive education" has become the main cause of depression in adolescents

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"Suppressive education" has become the main cause of depression in adolescents

Recently, a video of a father abusing his daughter shocked the entire Internet. What happened? It turned out to be in Jilin. The 18-year-old girl jumped into the river to commit suicide due to the pressure of study. Fortunately, a kind person saved her. However, when the girl's father arrived at the scene, an embarrassing scene happened! The father rushed to his daughter furiously and asked sharply: I ask you, are you dead? No, okay, go home! After the video was released, It quickly aroused controversy. Some people say, "Such a person is also worthy of being a father?" Others think, "How can a father not love his child? He is just too worried, and his emotions are out of control for a while!" Indeed, in the face of the child's so-called "glass heart" Live or die. The parents were anxious and angry for a while, and they did not choose to say anything, but it was not incomprehensible. But the question is: why is it that the child is already in a desperate situation, when it is most in need of comfort. Parents are still swearing at each other, inserting a knife into the bloody wound of their children? However, how many children around us grow up in such an environment of "repressive education"? Parents who use repressive education often do this 1. I feel that everything you do is not serious. "Mom, I met a good friend today, and I will be with you in the future." "You might as well spend more time on your studies when you are so free, and have some fun all day long. I don't think so." ⒉ I think you are not good enough for other people's children. "Let me tell you, your cousin has been admitted to an institution now, she is stable and comfortable, look at how you are living now, and what is the high salary? If you use it, the unit is unstable. If you say it is fired, you will be fired, and people will wait for the pension to enjoy the happiness in the future." 3. You are often forced to surrender by means of moral kidnapping. "Look at you now, what else will you do? Poor parents, you If you continue like this - you have to go your own way, it's better not to go home, so as not to see upset, what a worthless person!" 4. When you try to explain, you will accuse you more and more "Why are you so bad-tempered, you can't be impatient to say a few words." What is there to be afraid and tired of doing these things? You don’t have to do physical work, so what is there to be tired of? It’s really pampering.” When the child is full of interest again and again, the child is confronted with cold water, and it is easy to form self-doubt. , Self-denial, inferiority complex, fear of being blamed, craving for recognition, over-sensitivity and caring about other people's opinions. Either you feel that others don't like you, or you feel that others are hostile to you, and what's more, you feel that living in the world is a burden, burdening others, and losing your sense of self-worth. These large amounts of adverse factors accumulate and ferment, leading to the induction of depression. If parents do not pay attention to it, once the condition worsens, the child will easily go to extremes and have the idea of ​​self-harm and suicide! Every parent hopes that their children can be better, but they themselves Not understanding scientific education methods leads to the emergence of "repressive education". If parents can improve their education methods in time, I believe that your children will be better and have a happier growth environment. If your child has symptoms of depression, anxiety, slow response, etc., please go to a regular hospital for medical treatment in time to prevent the child's condition from continuing to deteriorate and causing more serious damage to the child's already fragile mind.

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