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6 Signs Your 'Low Self-Esteem' May Be Ruining Your Life

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6 Signs Your 'Low Self-Esteem' May Be Ruining Your Life

Do you always feel that you are not confident enough? You are always full of negative evaluations of yourself, feel that you are terrible, and can’t do anything well? You are very concerned about the opinions of others, and are afraid and unwilling to oppose others, even if the other party has clearly touched Your own bottom line? This suggests that you may have a lower "sense of self-worth." Your "low self-esteem" may be ruining you and your relationships. According to the definition of psychology, self-worth (Self-worth) refers to an individual's self-affirming emotional experience in society and interpersonal communication. Research shows that "self-worth" sets the stage for other areas of our lives, whether it's relationships or careers. Self-worth is closely related to self-esteem: people with higher self-worth have higher self-esteem. Conversely, a low sense of self-worth is often referred to as "low self-esteem" (Low Self-Esteem). Are you also suffering from "low self-esteem"? You can ask yourself the following questions. Are you always striving for perfection? "Low self-esteem" leads many people to over-seek perfection, which in turn reinforces the "low self-esteem" state. We always set unrealistic standards for ourselves, and when we can’t accomplish or meet this standard, we will frequently feel frustrated and feel like a loser. This is how the vicious cycle begins. Are you overly sensitive? Few people are willing to admit that they are sensitive, but if you find yourself feeling uneasy or angry at the slightest criticism, it may be a sign of low self-worth. In this case, it may be difficult to stand up for yourself or to subconsciously not react, but it can actually help improve your self-esteem. Are you often angry or anxious? If you find yourself frowning and mad at others, there may be something wrong with your "sense of self-worth". People with "low self-esteem" feel like they are in a never-ending battle with themselves, making themselves constantly anxious and depressed. This can drain us, drive our loved ones away from us, and ultimately further exacerbate feelings of loneliness and anxiety. Do you know your worth? Good self-esteem and self-confidence are not exactly the same thing. Even those who are confident in their abilities and believe they can be successful have doubts about their worth as a human being and feel they are contributing little to the world. We often find ourselves afraid to take the initiative in certain situations. Sometimes even slightly challenged, we double down on our own abilities. Always pleasing and pleasing others? Trying to make everyone you meet like you will definitely hurt our "sense of self-worth". Learn to accept the idea that the right people will eventually fall in love with the real you, and you have to accept that you can't please everyone. This will help us put ourselves first. When we just want to please everyone, our true selves have to make compromises that hurt our sense of self-worth. Do you like yourself? People with "low self-esteem" will always feel that there is a critic living in their minds, and they can't get rid of them. He constantly criticizes you, compares you with others, induces you to hate your own body or character traits, and finally knocks you down at the spiritual level. We often say something like this: If you don't treat yourself like you treat others, you may be suffering from "low self-esteem".

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