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Xuzhou insomnia: how to improve insomnia?

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Xuzhou insomnia: how to improve insomnia?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: A large part of insomnia is caused by insufficient qi and blood. At this time, pay special attention to your daily diet. Eat more foods that can effectively replenish the body's qi and blood. Common foods in life are beef and mutton, chicken, longan and so on. These have a good nursing effect on the treatment of nighttime insomnia. Slow down your breathing before bed. Take a walk or watch some slow-paced shows before going to bed. At the same time, you can listen to some slow-paced music, which can make the body quickly enter the quiet stage, so that the yin in the body will be enhanced, and the quality of sleep will naturally improve. Eat something nutritious before bed. In our internal organs, the heart is hard. Therefore, it is very beneficial to our body to properly supplement some heart-yin beneficial ingredients before going to bed. Correct bad habits in time. An important way to treat insomnia is to correct your bad habits, cultivate a regular and healthy living habit, avoid overwork, stay up late, etc., pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and insomnia can be well treated. Insomnia may worsen people's skin and mental state, and it is also very harmful to the health of the elderly and children. Insomnia is a terrible thing from every angle, and we should try to avoid it. If insomnia is severe, seek medical help. Don't ignore this issue.


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