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Xuzhou Depression: What Hazards Does Depression Bring?

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Xuzhou Depression: What Hazards Does Depression Bring?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: 1. Slow thinking and gradual loss of ability to act. One of the manifestations of major depressive disorder is that the patient gradually presents the thinking characteristics of slow speech, low pronunciation, low volume and slow reaction. Often, the patient's words and actions have to overcome a lot of resistance. In the worst case, it could be in a coma. In agitated depression patients, their speech and actions have increased significantly, anxiety and fear, and self-injury, which is very dangerous. At the same time, movements, especially gestures, were significantly reduced and slower in patients with major depression. A small number of patients with major depressive disorder can remain silent and rest in bed, which is called depressive stupor. 2. Negative evolution of emotions. Mood changes are the main symptom in patients with major depressive disorder. At the beginning, it may be manifested as a decline in the ability to experience various emotions in a short period of time, listlessness, and no interest in anything. The patient will feel wrong and immediate disappointment welling up and irreversible. The future is bleak, joy disappears completely, and world-weariness gradually emerges. 3. Strong suicidal impulses Suicide attempts and behaviors are the most dangerous symptoms in patients with major depressive disorder. It can appear in the severe stages of symptoms, or in the early stages or when it gets better. Suicides are often successful because patients often have careful planning in advance and hide their actions to avoid the attention of medical staff. 4. Various physical problems. Patients with major depression are often haggard and old, vision loss, loss of appetite, physical decline, decreased sweat and saliva secretion, constipation, and decreased libido. Women often have amenorrhea. Early awakening is the most prominent sleep disorder and one of the hallmark symptoms of depression. Patients often wake up 2-3 hours earlier than before, unable to fall back asleep after waking up, full of pessimism, waiting for the day to come. This symptom is important in diagnosis.

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