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Can children or the elderly also suffer from depression?

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Can children or the elderly also suffer from depression?

Many people think that children who are carefree should not suffer from depression. But the fact is not, many children or adolescents will also suffer from depression. Depression in childhood or adolescence is usually somewhat different from depression in adults: children are less likely to state their symptoms directly and less likely to use the words depression to describe their moods, but children are more likely to express their feelings directly through behavior to perform. The most common symptoms of depression are refusing to go to school, becoming irritable, easy to get angry, not talking, not seeing friends, loss of appetite, etc. In fact, as long as you pay more attention to the behavior of children and compare whether there is a gap before and after, it is usually not difficult to find depression in children. In contrast, depression in the elderly is not easy to detect. First, because of the traditional concept that the elderly are less active and less energetic, when depression occurs, children and grandchildren often think that it is just a phenomenon of aging, but ignore the potential symptoms of depression. The symptoms of Alzheimer's, in some places, can also resemble major depression. Some extreme manifestations of major depressive disorder are so-called pseudo-Alzheimer's disease -- people with dementia-like lack of response, expressionless, and memory loss. However, in the early stage of Alzheimer's disease, usually just can't remember what just happened, but the memory of the past is quite clear. As the dementia progresses, the patient's social function declines, and the memory will continue to deteriorate. What I do, I can't do it now, and in the end, I can't even take care of my own life. However, in this process, patients often do not realize the existence of the disease, which means lack of disease awareness. In contrast, for pseudo-senile dementia caused by depression, the patient will know that his ability is weakened, and may complain about it. When it comes to questioning, the patient may easily give up, but ask carefully: the patient can actually remember it. , and no serious decline in social function - the appearance of so-called "dementia" is just an illusion of lack of motivation and lack of vitality. Since depression in the elderly is relatively difficult to detect, readers should not take it lightly when they find that their elders are aging. If you can take your loved ones to see a doctor early, find the existence of depression, and if you treat it early, these symptoms will improve. It is a very inhumane thing to let the elderly stay in a depressed state for a long time. Therefore, children and the elderly can also suffer from depression. The onset of depression does not depend on age, and there are many factors that induce depression. Among the people with depression, there are not a few elderly people and children. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the various emotional states of the people around us, and beware of the fact that depression has become serious until it is discovered. The treatment of depression is a long process. Don't forget to keep in touch with doctors, follow up regularly, and take medicines regularly. At the same time, you need to give children and the elderly more patience and companionship in life. The original text is from Professor Rong Xinqi's Hypnotic Psychology Studio. If you need to reprint, please obtain permission and indicate the source. If you have any questions, you can click on the avatar to send a private message.

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