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The performance of bipolar affective disorder, how to save the bipolar affective disorder?

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The performance of bipolar affective disorder, how to save the bipolar affective disorder?

The clinical manifestation of having both depression and mania is called bipolar disorder. This mental illness has a genetic predisposition and will undoubtedly cause great mental torment to people. Therefore, understanding bipolar disorder is beneficial for prevention and treatment. So what are the manifestations of bipolar disorder? How to save bipolar disorder? What are the manifestations of bipolar disorder? Emotionally fragile sufferers often feel sad or agitated over small or unimportant things and cannot restrain themselves. Common in cerebral arteriosclerotic mental disorders, but also in functional mental disorders such as neurasthenic neurosis. People with irritability are prone to strong emotional reactions to small things. Such as anger, agitation, anger, and even rage, the duration is generally very short. Common in the brain organic mental disorders, such as cerebral arteriosclerotic mental disorders. It can also be seen in functional psychiatric disorders such as mania. Patients with elegant thinking will show elegant thinking, the process of association will be significantly accelerated, concepts will follow one after another, the voice will be loud, and the mind will be distracted at the same time. So, how to save bipolar disorder in your life? Mindfulness meditation methods can clear negative emotions, open your heart and find the true essence of your life. You can accept yourself, accept the society, and be relaxed and happy. On a physical level, meditation can repair bodily functions and autonomic nerves in a way that even some drugs can't. Meditation is an integral part of the treatment of people with bipolar disorder. Sunbathing Moderate sun exposure is essential for people with bipolar disorder. Sunlight can expand the body's capillaries and speed up blood circulation, which will make the patient's body tissue in a flexible state of movement, and then secrete a variety of happy substances, which can not only improve the mood of patients with bipolar disorder, but also enhance the patient's immunity. , remove harmful substances. It is recommended that patients get in the sun for half an hour every day when the weather allows, which will have a good lubricating effect on the body and mind. [Disclaimer: The materials and pictures used in this article are from the Internet and literature, and are only used for the popularization of medical knowledge. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete]


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