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Are modern people more and more prone to psychological problems? How to maintain mental health?

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Are modern people more and more prone to psychological problems? How to maintain mental health?

Nowadays, the pace of life is very fast, everyone is under a lot of pressure, and it is easy to have psychological problems. Therefore, for modern people, maintaining mental health is a particularly important thing, which not only enables people to live and work better, but also It can also increase happiness. How to maintain mental health? 1. Learn to distract yourself When you are in a bad mood or under a lot of pressure, learning to distract yourself plays a vital role in maintaining your mental health. After all, doing things you like is more effective in solving mental health problems. , can keep the brain busy all the time, transfer stress to other places, and make people feel relaxed. 2. Improve sleep quality Improve sleep quality also plays a vital role in maintaining mental health. If the sleep time is relatively small, it will lead to problems such as depression and inattention. Therefore, various methods should be used to improve sleep quality. , sleep at least 7 hours a day. 3. Eat more food that is healthy for the brain. The quality of the diet has a greater impact on mental health. If you often eat unhealthy food, it may affect the mental state of young people. Eat healthy and helpful foods like walnuts, milk, vegetables, etc. Try to avoid processed foods and fast food. 4. Establish self-confidence Respecting oneself and establishing self-confidence have a greater impact on maintaining mental health. Self-confidence is relatively strong, can have better social relationships, and can have a satisfying life. If you are often in the mood of low self-esteem, you are prone to suffer from negative emotions and other psychological problems, such as anxiety and depression. 5. Be aware. Most people with mental health problems can easily see the negative aspects of life, which makes the state more and more depressed. In the face of this situation, be grateful for the good things in life, In particular, I should be grateful for the help of others, help others as much as possible, and give back to the society. This positive mental state will make my heart healthier. 6. Actively exercising can have a healthy brain only if you have a healthy body, and exercise is also the best way to release stress. It is recommended to do appropriate exercise every day, which can not only make the body stronger, but also make the body secrete a kind of The hormone dopamine, which is the hormone that makes you feel happy, is a big help in maintaining mental health. Warm reminder that mental health problems will have many manifestations, such as often being in despair, or having relatively large mood swings. In addition, lack of concentration and lack of energy are also common manifestations. Of course, there are many ways to get rid of mental health problems. In addition to the above, it is also a good way to communicate with family and friends. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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