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When a child is depressed and has psychological problems, what should parents do?

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When a child is depressed and has psychological problems, what should parents do?

"My daughter is 13 years old this year. She was diagnosed with depression just a week ago. I couldn't believe it and blamed myself. Just before that, the child had told me and her father that she was unhappy and lacked energy. topic, but every time we thought how could a child so young have any psychological problems, until last month, my daughter said seriously to me, mom, you know, I want to jump from the upstairs many nights... ...At that moment I was stuck on the spot, not knowing what to say, but one thing I was sure my child was not normal! After going to the hospital, I was diagnosed with depression..." There are many similarities every day The cases are updated online, and there will be similar consultation cases in the psychiatric outpatient clinic and the Enen psychological platform. At first glance, we all have such a question, how can a child be depressed? Indeed, this is also a problem that has troubled many experts. It should have been a carefree age, but it is indeed "abnormal" to be troubled by various psychological problems. The Blue Book pointed out after research and research that the current prevalence of depression among adolescents is 15%-20%, and the main reasons are family environment and academic pressure. In the face of children's depression, parents should start from the following points:

01. Face the problem, don't run away

It is also uncomfortable , If the child says that the body is not feeling well, such as stomach pain, heart discomfort, and constant coughing, the parents will be very nervous and take the child to the doctor immediately. But if the child says that he is depressed, unhappy, sad, and has no energy, some parents will think that the child is "pretending" and think that the child will not have such problems and cannot accept this fact. However, everyone must understand a truth, there is no lucky person in the face of depression, everyone may be "stricken"! Therefore, as a parent who depends on the child, we must accept and face up to the problem of the child's illness, affirm the child's bad feelings, and actively encourage and guide.

02. Seek medical treatment in time for professional treatment

Enen's psychological suggestion is that it is best to take the child to the hospital to see a doctor for a face-to-face consultation to clarify the current symptoms and conditions. severity. Then, on this basis, choose a more appropriate treatment method (drug therapy or psychological counseling).

03. Firm companionship

It cannot be said that all psychological problems are caused by lack of parental companionship, but if children grow up without companionship, they will suffer The chances of having mental problems are greatly increased. Firmly accompany, listen to the most real thoughts and feelings in the child's heart, and slowly open the bridge of communication. When the child learns to vent more outward, the internal attack will be reduced.

04. Praise and encouragement

Praise is a great encouragement and affirmation for children, and frequent praise can strengthen children desire for achievement, self-confidence and trust in parents. In such a positive atmosphere, children and parents will get along more like friends, and even if there is any problem in the heart, there will be channels for evacuation. And even during a child's depression, praise is very good for boosting the child's self-confidence and changing self-denial and self-aggression! Pay attention to Enen's psychology, there is a professional psychological scale evaluation on the homepage, if you have any questions, you can also privately message for consultation!

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