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What is redface phobia

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What is redface phobia

Redface phobia is redface phobia, or redface disease. Refers to blushing when speaking to strangers or the opposite sex. In fact, everyone will experience a sense of tension or excitement, shyness, cowardice, lack of self-confidence when interacting with people they are not familiar with or more important, and reflexively arouse the excitement of human sympathetic nerves, norepinephrine and other catecholamines The secretion increases, which makes people's heart beat faster, and the capillaries expand, that is, blushing. In severe cases, it will show a terrifying phenomenon. Suffering from "red-face phobia" - the most obvious manifestation is inexplicable nervousness, blushing, and dare not communicate with others. From a psychological point of view, when people appear on important occasions or interact with important people, they are moderately nervous, have a fast heartbeat, and blush, which is normal. However, the embarrassment caused by this caused huge psychological fear and pressure, so that she always felt that people around her were looking at her and talking about her. This situation sometimes affects our lives and work. If red-faced phobia recurs repeatedly, some patients may develop anxiety or depression due to persistent communication and social barriers. Patients with red-faced phobia have no complicated examinations, and are generally examined through psychological consultations and test sheets. It is advisable for patients to carry out self-confidence training and use systematic desensitization methods to improve patients' symptoms.

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