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What should I do if my face is oily? Try 5 Ways to Make Your Face Fresh and Clean

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What should I do if my face is oily? Try 5 Ways to Make Your Face Fresh and Clean

I believe that everyone does not want their face to be oily, especially girls, if the face is particularly oily, it looks oily, which is both ugly and uncomfortable, so for those who love oily face, just Desperate to find some ways to remove oil from face. If you have a lot of oil on your face, you can try the following methods to keep your face fresh and healthy. What should I do if my face is oily? 1. Frequent facial massage For people who have a lot of oil on the face, you can often do facial massage to help improve the problem of oil production. You can put a little salt in your hands during massage, and then After the water is melted, massage the face, which is better for improving the oily effect. This method requires long-term adherence and is more suitable for people with oily skin. 2. Reduce the frequency of washing your face. Many people feel that their face is oily and they will wash their face often. The practice of washing their face multiple times a day is wrong, and it is easy to cause more oil on the face. So don't wash your face often, don't wash your face more than three times a day, you can use a mild facial cleanser when you wash your face, and you can add a little salt to the water when you wash your face for oily skin, which has a better bactericidal effect and also Removes oil from the face. 3. Regular exfoliation Regular exfoliation can make the skin fair, and at the same time has a good oil control effect, because if the face has too much aging cutin, it will hinder the absorption of skin care products, which will easily lead to an imbalance of water and oil on the skin. Appears oily. If you want to reduce the problem of oily face, you should exfoliate regularly, which can promote the absorption of skin care products by the skin and help reduce the secretion of oil. 4. Regularly do deep skin cleaning. Many people are so-so when they wash their faces. Just wash twice is enough. Coping face washing does not have any cleaning effect. It is easy to cause a lot of skin problems after a long time. , may increase oil production. If you want to improve this problem, you should do a deep cleansing of the skin every two weeks to a month to help control oil. 5. Light diet Some people have more oil on their face because of unhealthy diet. For example, they like to eat a lot of barbecue, fried food, or eat too greasy food, which is easy to produce more oil. If it is because of this reason that the face is oily, the diet should be lighter, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and eat less fried and charcoal-grilled food, and maintain a good eating habit. Makes skin healthy. In addition, if you want to improve the problem of oily face, you should also develop a regular work and rest, don't stay up late for a long time, stay up late for a long time, if you don't get enough rest, it is easy to imbalance the water and oil, and you may produce too much oil , Early to bed and early to rise, proper exercise, is helpful for skin care. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization


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