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Xuzhou Psychology: From what aspects can we see whether a child has autism?

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Xuzhou Psychology: From what aspects can we see whether a child has autism?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Autism is a common and serious developmental disorder. Children with autism often have language development difficulties, interpersonal difficulties, narrow interests, and stereotyped behaviors. The medical community has not yet determined the cause of autism, but it is usually related to factors such as genetics, immune system abnormalities, neuroendocrine and neurotransmitter dysfunction. Autism will accompany children throughout their lives, and will have a great negative impact on children's health, learning, and life. Therefore, early detection of physical abnormalities in children and timely detection of autism is beneficial to the treatment of children's diseases and the improvement of children and family life. So, how can you tell if a child has autism? 1. Avoid eye contact. Ordinary babies are already able to form normal interpersonal relationships with others. For example, when people make faces at babies, babies stare at them, laugh or cry at them, while children with autism have poor expressions, do not make eye contact with others, or even avoid eye contact with others. 2. Do not speak, learn language late. Language impairment is one of the typical symptoms of autism. When babies are 5 or 6 months old, they usually have conditioned reflexes when they hear their own names and respond to people. If your child hears his common name but turns a deaf ear, beware of autism. In addition to ignoring others, autistic children can't tell their relatives and friends apart. Whether they are dealing with parents, relatives or strangers, their expressions are very strange. 4. Can't make gestures A normal child will scratch with his fingers if he wants something, shake his head or wave his hand if he doesn't need something. Autistic children, because of the developmental disability of body language, cannot point to things or express their wishes with gestures. 5. Not Playing Autistic children often have difficulty building friendly partnerships with others. In kindergarten, they tend to prefer being alone rather than playing with others. For games such as playing house and imitating adult behavior, they also prefer to watch on the side rather than participate in it. 6. Inability to express emotions For children with autism, it is often difficult for parents to capture their emotions, it is not clear whether they are happy or not, and they do not understand their emotional appeals. This is mainly because children with autism are not good at expressing emotions, do not cry, do not laugh, do not interact, and are indifferent. These are unusual symptoms that children with autism may exhibit. If parents find that their children have the above behaviors, they should take the children to the child psychology department or psychiatry department for relevant examinations, timely intervention and treatment, and improve the children's language, social skills and intelligence levels as soon as possible.

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