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Xuzhou Psychology: Do We Really Understand Mental Illness?

Time:2023-03-27 23:26:26 author:Anxiety disorder Read:879次
Xuzhou Psychology: Do We Really Understand Mental Illness?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: With the rapid development of the social economy and the increasingly fierce competition, people's mental and psychological pressure is increasing invisibly, and the incidence of mental illness is also increasing year by year. However, do we really understand mental illness? Do you really know how to care for a family member with a mental illness? Recommendations for caring for mentally ill patients: 1. Adhere to systemic medication. On the one hand, we should pay attention to the changes in the patient's condition, and grasp its characteristics, signs of recurrence and drug effects; secondly, we should urge patients to take their medicines on time and according to the doctor's orders, and family members should keep the medicines properly. At the same time, regularly accompany patients to the specialist outpatient clinic for review and related auxiliary examinations. 2. Reasonable arrangement of daily life. Urge patients to get up on time, brush their teeth, wash their face, change clothes, tidy their room, go shopping, listen to music, and do outdoor activities. Develop good living habits and make reasonable arrangements for the patient's clothing, food, housing and transportation. The diet should be easy to digest and nutritious. Avoid alcohol, coffee, strong tea, and blindly taking supplements. 3. Create a suitable home environment. A harmonious family atmosphere is an important external condition for patients with chronic mental illness. Family members should treat patients kindly and patiently, respect their personality, care more about their lives, help them correctly understand and treat the disease, eliminate pessimism, and build confidence in overcoming the disease. 4. Encourage patients to participate in appropriate activities. Try to arrange opportunities for patients to contact the social environment, encourage them to participate in family affairs, socialize with friends, participate in community activities and social activities within their ability, and cultivate their ability to adapt to society.


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