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Will depression be okay? Depression treatment must pay attention to this

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Will depression be okay? Depression treatment must pay attention to this

As one of the three common diseases in the world, depression has plagued countless patients. What most patients want to know is: will depression be good? Professor Rong Xinqi, a new concept psychologist, pointed out that the current domestic treatment mode for depression is dominated by drugs. Generally speaking, more than half of the patients can be improved within a few months of treatment. However, if you want to get better and faster curative effect, you still need a comprehensive combination of "drug + psychological" treatment! One important thing to note is that if you suffer from depression and are taking antidepressants, don't rush to reduce or stop taking them! Will depression be okay? What are the ways to treat depression? Under the premise of receiving professional treatment, depression definitely has a chance of recovery. Antidepressants are still the mainstay of treatment for depression. Antidepressants are the oldest treatment for depression, and with the continuous improvement and innovation of drugs, the possible side effects have become less and less. In general, patients can get the best results after 6-8 weeks of continuous use of the drug. The second is psychotherapy. Although depression is a disease caused by brain lesions, it can also cause negative effects on psychological state. Therefore, after the patient is evaluated by the doctor, psychotherapy is also a possible treatment method. Through listening, mindfulness and building up the patient's cognition, it can also help the patient overcome depression from the inside out. Finally, radio wave therapy such as rTMS, which has emerged in recent years, is also one of the treatment options that cannot be ignored. Radio wave therapy, as the name suggests, is a therapy for treating depression by stimulating the brain through electrical waves and improving the activity of brain circuits. Since radio waves are direct stimulation, the fast curative effect has also become a new choice for many patients. Will depression be okay? How long does the treatment take Professor Rong said that after professional treatment for depression, there is a great possibility of recovery, but whether there is a 100% chance of being cured and how long it will take... These vary from person to person and are difficult to guarantee. In terms of drug treatment, about 7-80% of patients can recover through drug treatment, and can see obvious treatment effects within half a year. Will depression be okay? What to do if the effect is not ideal To undertake the above, antidepressant drugs are the most preferred therapy for general depression treatment. If the doctor finds that the drug treatment is not satisfactory, they will try again with a second-line or third-line drug. Clinical studies have pointed out that compared with the use of drug treatment alone, psychotherapy can achieve better results, so doctors usually use the method of "drug supplemented with psychotherapy". However, it may still happen that the patient does not respond to the drug, and the aforementioned electrical stimulation therapy may also be considered. For example, patients who do not adapt to or do not respond to drugs are very suitable for rTMS therapy. Different from drugs, rTMS is a non-invasive therapy with high safety and faster efficacy. It is one of the treatments recommended by doctors in recent years for patients with severe depression. Netizens who have recovered from depression share a key point. Netizens who have recovered from depression share a key point that doctors also agree with based on their own experiences: Do not rashly reduce or stop taking medicines. Many doctors point out that most patients are not actually taking the drug ineffective, but reducing the dose or stopping it at the wrong time. Generally speaking, when the depression gradually improves or even recovers after taking the drug, the drug should not be stopped immediately, but should be continued to take the drug in a decreasing dose for half a year after the symptoms disappear before it is recommended to stop the drug. Conservative, but has been shown to be safer and has a relatively low recurrence rate. Professional psychological counseling can help you regain your good mood and hope that everyone can have a healthy and normal life, so we earnestly provide each visitor with the most attentive and professional advice and assistance. We do not emphasize the efficacy of drug treatment, but provide the most help to each client in psychological counseling and hypnosis. In fact, being sick in the heart is like being sick in the body. As long as you find the crux of the problem and "prescribe the right medicine", you can slowly heal the sick part. We are here to help clients heal the pain in their hearts by listening and empathizing. Let everyone face the world with a new attitude and regain confidence and hope in life! The original text is from Professor Rong Xinqi's Hypnotic Psychology Studio. If you need to reprint, please obtain permission and indicate the source. If you have any questions, you can click on the avatar to send a private message.

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