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What is peripheral vision phobia

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What is peripheral vision phobia

The so-called peripheral vision phobia is that a person will be afraid of his peripheral vision, and be afraid of noticing people or objects in the peripheral vision. I am terrified of my peripheral vision. As long as I find out that peripheral vision appears, I want to control it and eliminate it in some way. Periguang phobia fears the eyes, which can also be said to be fearful eyes. Or a kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder, or a kind of social phobia. Patients with this disease always prevent themselves from peeking at others from the corner of their eyes, but in fact, they cannot restrain themselves from peeking at others from the corner of their eyes, and the symptoms of the disease will become more and more serious. The cause of peripheral vision phobia is mainly related to the interaction with the opposite sex, and the main time for the formation of the way of communication with the opposite sex is in adolescence. However, it is easy for teenagers to have a sense of inferiority under their wrong concept of gender, and then they dare not face the opposite sex they like, and gradually develop the ability to only dare to look at the opposite sex from the corner of their eyes, so they become their own victims of light. The peripheral vision of animals can make animals quickly and easily detect the invasion of uninvited guests, and produce instinctive defensive behaviors. People with peripheral vision phobia are involuntarily highly alert and fearful of the eyes of people in the peripheral vision. Most patients with peripheral vision phobia are usually accompanied by symptoms of fear of the eyes. Patients with peripheral vision phobia are different from those with neurosis. Patients with peripheral vision phobia still follow social laws and regulations in their lives, and will not have behaviors and mental delusions that exceed social norms. Most people with panic disorder like to be alone, and don't like to be in the public eye, because the longer they are in the public eye, they will not know how to control their uncontrollable frightened eyes, which will make them more distressed. People with mild anxiety disorder can still work normally with most ordinary people, but their work performance may be reduced due to the inability to concentrate in a busy workplace for a long time.


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