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How to Relieve Fear of Redface

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How to Relieve Fear of Redface

The most obvious manifestations are inexplicable nervousness, blushing, and dare not communicate with others. From a psychological point of view, when people appear on important occasions or interact with important people, they are moderately nervous, have a fast heartbeat, and blush, which is normal. But if it is because of this embarrassment, it creates a huge psychological fear and pressure, so that you always feel that people around her are looking at her and talking about her, which has become a kind of psychological obstacle, that is, "red-face phobia". The patient will always subconsciously feel that the people around him are looking at him and talking about him, causing him to become frightened when interacting with others. Afraid to communicate with people but eager to communicate with people. How to self-regulate red-face phobia l The mentality should be corrected, and the attitude towards blushing should be taken with the flow, allowing it to appear and exist, not to resist, suppress or cover it up, and not to be anxious and distressed about blushing, so as to eliminate the fear of blushing. Tension and worry interrupt the vicious cycle that results. l Take deep breaths to relieve tension Before anticipating a tense situation, force yourself to take several deep, long, rhythmic breaths, which can relieve tension and lay the foundation for building self-confidence. l To carry out self-confidence training, most of the people who are prone to blush in front of others lack self-confidence and have a sense of inferiority. l Use small things to transfer tension. When you feel tense, hold an object in your hand, such as a book, a handkerchief or other small things, which will make you feel comfortable and have a sense of security. Sometimes it is generous to prove that you have gained self-confidence and slowly heal yourself. Gradually overcome psychological fears and go to social activities with friends you trust. Gradually, you will find that the phobia of red face will decrease a little bit, and finally disappear completely.

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