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Xuzhou Anxiety: Why Do Children Who Should Be Carefree Get Anxiety?

Time:2023-02-01 05:13:16 author:Anxiety disorder Read:187次
Xuzhou Anxiety: Why Do Children Who Should Be Carefree Get Anxiety?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: According to the survey, in recent years, there have been more and more children with mental disorders in our country, among which children's anxiety disorder is more common. Compared with other children, children with anxiety disorders are more sensitive, worried, and lack of self-confidence, which makes them often have inexplicable troubles, and often show anxiety and even panic. So why do children who are supposed to be carefree develop anxiety disorders? (1) Improper educational methods. Parents will put more energy and love on the upbringing of their children. However, many parents only pay attention to the cultivation of children's intelligence and care about their children's material life, but neglect their children's mental health and health care. Due to the fact that only-child families have fewer opportunities to contact children of the same age, coupled with the excessive care of their parents, many children have relatively poor adaptability to the outside world, and the opportunities for physical and mental exercise are correspondingly reduced, and psychological problems are becoming more and more serious. (2) The study burden is too heavy. Most parents not only let their children learn a variety of subjects, but also let their children learn a variety of specialties. Various after-school tutoring classes have prematurely added a heavy burden to young children and created serious anxiety. This anxiety can make children feel excited and nervous in the exam room, and even stage fright because they are afraid of being scolded by their parents for not getting the perfect score. So, what about children with anxiety disorders? Create a good family environment. It is a hotbed for family children to thrive, and a good family environment is particularly important for children's physical and mental health. Therefore, family members must be harmonious, democratic, respectful, and supportive. Even if there is a conflict, choose a gentle way to resolve it. Never make a fuss in front of children, and do not have bad behavior such as hands-on or smashing things. Second, the parent's education method should be appropriate. When parents educate their children, they should give appropriate guidance and help according to their children's nature, hobbies and interests, and should not be impatient. Even if a child makes a mistake, rude words or actions should not be used to discipline them. At home, parents should try their best to open up their own learning and living space for their children, and appropriately meet their children's reasonable requirements. In addition, parents should not be too demanding of their children. As a parent, we must accurately grasp the child's emotions, do not put pressure on the child intentionally or unintentionally, and especially treat the child's academic performance with a peaceful attitude. Parents can't nag or laugh at their children, and they can't ignore their children with a straight face, which will make children feel depressed and increase their psychological burden and anxiety. In addition to the above three points, parents should give their children more love. If the child suffers from anxiety, parents should take the child for psychological treatment in time. Psychologists can pinpoint the cause of a child's anxiety. At the same time, parents should strengthen communication with their children and encourage their children to tell their relatives and teachers more when they encounter unpleasant things in order to vent their unhappiness. Through the efforts of parents and the help of psychiatrists, children with anxiety disorders will gradually become lively and cheerful.


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