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4 cruel truths that women who have been hurt in marriage are easy to see

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4 cruel truths that women who have been hurt in marriage are easy to see

Marriage is beautiful, but there are also some unpleasant factors mixed with it. For example, we feel that the other half we choose can give us the happiness we want. For example, we feel that the role we chose firmly at the beginning will not live up to our expectations. We feel that the other half is someone who can shield us from the wind and rain, but we never thought that all the storms in marriage are brought to us by the other party. The things we had been looking forward to all the time ended up giving us endless disappointment, and we began to wonder if this marriage was really what we wanted. This has given us a lot of damage to the marriage, how did it become like this. In a marriage, women who have been hurt can easily see 4 cruel truths. Beautiful diamond ring with pink roses Beautiful diamond ring with pink roses I raise you is the most ridiculous lie in the world. When Song Ningyu in the TV series "Mr. Love" married Gu Yao, he told her not to go out to work. Take care of her for the rest of your life. Gu Yao believed it, so when she graduated, she got married and chose to be a full-time wife as soon as she got married. But what happened? Song Ningyu betrayed her, and when he was questioned, he confidently said that Gu Yao was spending her own money, and there was no reason to yell. It can be seen that no matter how beautiful the oath is, it is nothing but empty talk. Samuel once said: "Selfish and selfless judgment is everyone's Rashomon." No one can always pay for others, so "I support you" is the funniest lie. Vector handwritten love red background If you don't grow up, you will be abandoned by marriage. Wu Min and Lin Qingkun in the TV series "Perfect Companion" became a housewife after they got married. She always said, don't worry, leave it to me at home. I don't know when it started, Lin Qingkun was very indifferent to Wu Min. When she was pregnant, she didn't want to care, and she just complained when she had a miscarriage. Wu Min didn't know how marriage could become like this. Wu Min got divorced and became the principal of the kindergarten. He gradually got in touch with social affairs. Wu Min also handled many obscure problems before. When he saw Wu Min again, Lin Qingkun was only amazed at Wu Min's transformation, so he began to regret it and wanted to ask for a reconciliation. You see, marriage is not static. When you stop the pace of self-growth, the gap between you is getting bigger and bigger, and men will definitely abandon you in the end. Yang Lan once said: "Women must constantly improve their sense of self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love in order to lay a solid foundation in the building of the relationship between the sexes." Women will not lose the initiative in marriage. In a relationship, financial independence is a woman's greatest strength. The heroine in the TV series "Happy Duet" was a full-time wife at first, spending her husband's money, and the husband felt that he had paid for the family, and when talking to his wife, he also High-spirited look. Later, the heroine regained her old job and began to practice student dancing. It is false to say that the work is not hard, and the money is not much. However, the heroine just feels that she is very practical to earn money. She doesn't need to live a life of looking up to others, and she doesn't need to live a life with her palms facing up. She can spend the money she earns confidently, even if it's not much. In a marriage, if a woman has money, she will have confidence, and if she has no money, she will automatically become humble because she needs to ask for it. Teacher Li Yinhe put forward this piece of advice to modern women: "Encourage women to work and have their own independent income, instead of taking marriage as a way to settle down in this life, like buying a long-term meal ticket." Don't think that men will always To fulfill the promise of "I support you", you must rely on yourself at all times. You are your own eternal support. Your contribution is not necessarily proportional to your feedback. Just like Wu Min in the TV series "Perfect Companion", she has given countless sacrifices for this family. She does everything she can to complete everything in the family. The husband takes care of his own affairs without any distractions. However, her husband disliked her for being a housewife, disliked her for having no connotation, and ignored her when she was pregnant, but was courteous to other women. People always say, don't be afraid when you encounter things, there is nothing difficult in the world, just be afraid of people who have a heart. However, love is the only thing in the world that can't get good results if you try hard. We think that if we have paid for this family, men will be sympathetic to their own good, and they will think of their own good. Facts have proved that what we pay without regrets will only be let down. Our love adds a filter to men that makes them forget who they are and makes them feel like they deserve to enjoy women. What you can't get is always in turmoil, those who are favored are fearless, and they are too good for men, which is the cheapest thing.

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