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How to completely solve the problem of student weariness?

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How to completely solve the problem of student weariness?

How to completely solve the problem of student weariness? Chinese parents attach great importance to their children's education and pay attention to their children's academic performance, but most people don't know how to educate and guide them, so there are more and more children who are tired of learning, Internet addiction, behavioral disorders, and personality disorders. Family education methods can improve learning efficiency, allow students to learn independently and efficiently, and improve students' boredom, which can benefit thousands of households. Most students’ weariness is not because they really don’t want to learn, and their intelligence basically has no problem. In the process of learning, they form a conditional feeling of weariness that they want to learn but can’t do it, can’t do what they want, and can’t let go. Many students want to study well, but they can't control their anxiety, irritability, distraction, procrastination, inattention, poor memory, and incomprehension. Students don't want to do this, but they can't control it. And often accompanied by physical symptoms, such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, palpitations, headache, dizziness and so on. Many students are troubled by this problem, which is almost impossible to solve in the eyes of most people. Since researchers discovered the conditioned reflex of the subconscious mind, they have seen the characteristics of human subconscious activities, and the problem has become clear and easy to solve. Taking the change of a student with poor physical performance as an example, this paper introduces the idea of ​​intervening in the student's weariness. A female student, in the second year of high school, was admitted to the experimental class of a local key middle school with excellent grades in the senior high school entrance examination. When she was in the second year of junior high school, her father told her that high school courses are generally difficult, especially physics, and girls are not suitable for learning, and he said many times. , but she achieved excellent grades and easily completed the junior high school physics course. After entering high school, the difficulty has increased significantly. Sometimes I don't understand, try hard to listen, but still don't understand. I think of my father's words. Girls are not suitable for physics, so they are very anxious. This is a conditional aversion to learning. Emotions, grades are getting worse and worse, and when they are divided into classes, they enter parallel classes to study. First, analyze the formation process of the student's conditioned emotional response, explain the principle of conditioned reflex to students, adjust unreasonable cognition, the intelligence of people is similar, there is no question of who is suitable or not, and explain the impact of emotion on learning. When students' anxiety drops, experience the feeling of doing physics problems. Students feel that they can't do it before. When they are in a calm mood, they feel that they can. Let students use three types of knowledge to solve problems. Students' learning efficiency will be improved. The method of suggesting relaxation training allows students to be actively excited as soon as they learn physics, forming an automatic thinking. The feeling of this student studying physics has returned to the state of junior high school. This method is suitable for all kinds of students who are tired of learning. I hope students and parents can understand more.

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