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Sleep is also very important for patients with stomach problems

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Sleep is also very important for patients with stomach problems

Lack of sleep can easily lead to gastrointestinal diseases, mental illnesses, etc., so be sure to master the secret recipe for prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases—sleep quality. The impact of poor sleep on the digestive system is very complex, mainly affecting the hormone levels in the body, thereby affecting the function of digestive organs, and ultimately causing organ damage. Moreover, poor sleep will affect the function of the stomach. With the prolongation of insomnia, the emptying time will gradually decrease, which will eventually lead to a decline in the digestion and absorption function of the gastrointestinal tract. If there has been gastric mucosal damage before, the damage will continue to aggravate. It can be seen that insomnia will aggravate the condition of patients with gastrointestinal diseases, forming a vicious circle. On the contrary, good sleep can promote the recovery of digestive system diseases, but it is not the longer the better. Many office workers like to "make up sleep" on weekends and sleep until noon. At this time, our gastrointestinal tract is still secreting digestive juices and waiting for food. If you stay in bed and your stomach is empty, it will disrupt the regularity of gastrointestinal function. If it takes a long time, the gastrointestinal mucosa will be damaged, and it is easy to induce gastritis. , ulcers and indigestion and other diseases. Therefore, to prevent gastrointestinal diseases, it is necessary to have the correct quality and quantity of sleep. Whether it is snoozing or staying up late, it will cause damage to the gastrointestinal mucosa, and then induce the occurrence of diseases. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone, even office workers, should develop a good quality of sleep. Rest habits, don't stay up late or stay in bed. When you are not sleeping well, you can adjust yourself through psychological counseling, or drink a cup of hot milk before going to bed to help you sleep. You can also listen to novels and soothing music to relax your mind. It is recommended not to drink strong tea, coffee, carbonated drinks and spicy drinks before going to bed. Stimulate indigestible foods to avoid disturbing sleep.


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