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Why do you feel tired the longer you love?丨Love freshness

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Why do you feel tired the longer you love?丨Love freshness

A few days ago, a boy friend asked me to complain, saying that it is more and more boring to be with my girlfriend now. Although they have been together for 6 years, but now they are more like lovers in name, and no one cares so much about who, and there is very little sweetness and passion between lovers. I used to long to hold each other's hand and walk into the palace of marriage, but now I feel like I'm dealing with Valentine's Day. However, he couldn't tell if he really didn't love him anymore. "Everything has a shelf life, and love is no exception" "I don't know when it starts, everything has a date. Sardines will expire, canned food will expire, even plastic wrap will expire, I began to doubt the world Nothing will not expire..." - Love in the movie "Chongqing Forest" also has a shelf life, just like canned food, it will expire if you are not careful. Relationship burnout refers to being in a relationship where a person feels numb and tired of the relationship or their partner. This kind of fatigue often appears in the mature stage of love. When the love goes through the period of love and adjustment, the two people understand each other to a certain extent, and the freshness also fades. This kind of burnout may be due to friction in the relationship, and some recurring contradictions make people tired; it may also be because the other party cannot bring you new experiences and growth, you start to miss the time of a person, you can do it yourself A lot of interesting attempts, instead of sticking with each other every weekend but just monotonous repetition... Many people choose not to face it because they are afraid of losing each other after they develop a sense of burnout. In fact, most relationships experience relationship burnout, but it can be resolved. If you just avoid the problem, you will only add to your own fatigue in the relationship, and it will also frustrate the other person. If you realize that your relationship has entered a period of burnout, and you can't let go of the relationship, it is better to communicate honestly with the other person. As lovers, if you can't even communicate, that's the beginning of the end of the relationship. If you know that burnout is not going to keep you going, but you're hesitant to break up. At this time, you have to distinguish, maybe your inseparability is just a habit, long pain is worse than short pain, the most fearful thing in feelings is to drag and give yourself and the other party freedom. On the issue of whether love can continue to be fresh, it is shameful and useless to escape. Run All the Way® United One Psychology, jointly developed by 8 authoritative psychology experts, "Love Freshness Evaluation", professional guarantee, please rest assured to test. ※This test will evaluate the freshness of your love from 7 dimensions, analyze which factors will affect the harmony of your relationship, and finally give targeted suggestions to help you have a longer-term and stable intimate relationship. Love freshness evaluation ▼Evaluation experience price 9.9 yuan Test questions: 45 questions丨Test time: 15 minutes After the test is completed, the generated report will be permanently saved What will you get? "The following shows part of the report" 01丨Generate your love preservation index02丨Analyze your love freshness from multiple dimensions 03丨Love preservation tips

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