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What is the harm of long-term drinking? Will it lead to autonomic disorders?

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What is the harm of long-term drinking? Will it lead to autonomic disorders?

In daily life, some people actually need to drink, maybe it is for entertainment at work, it may be a hobby in daily life, it may be drinking to relieve emotions, or some sacrifices, festivals and so on. So do you know that drinking alcohol poses a greater threat to health, and may also cause autonomic disorders.

Do you know the dangers of drinking alcohol?

1. The effect of safe alcohol on nerves may have a delaying effect, which easily affects people's reactions and judgments, which often lead to unstable walking, tremors, blushing, confusion, etc. 'Performance. 2. Liver damage to organs: Alcohol damages the liver is relatively large. The liver is the main organ of alcohol metabolism. Drinking alcohol can easily increase the burden on the liver. Regular drinking can easily damage or even necrosis of liver cells, which will damage the detoxification function and metabolism of the liver, resulting in dysfunction or decreased ability. , which may increase the likelihood of hepatitis. And prolonged drinking may also lead to alcoholic fatty liver disease, and even liver cirrhosis may occur. Stomach: Alcohol is also easy to stimulate the gastric mucosa of the stomach, which can easily lead to stomach discomfort such as nausea and vomiting. Long-term drinking can easily cause high concentrations of alcohol to stay in the stomach, which is easy to cause gastric mucosa to appear. Erosion, bleeding and other phenomena, resulting in stomach damage. Brain: Long-term drinking, alcohol can paralyze the cerebral nerves, which can easily lead to atrophy of the cerebral cortex, resulting in functional impairment of the brain and disturbance of consciousness. Long-term alcohol abuse is even more harmful and may lead to chronic alcoholism, which may lead to memory impairment, dizziness, mental disorders and other uncomfortable manifestations. Heart: Alcohol is also easy to affect the heart. Long-term drinking will gradually increase the damage of alcohol to the heart, which will deform the myocardial fibers and lose their original elasticity, which can easily lead to atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and other harmful consequences. The probability of occurrence is greatly increased. And long-term drinking may also lead to impaired taste and disorder, which may increase the risk of oral cancer. It may also affect the bones, which may lead to ischemia, necrosis, and even affect normal activities. And long-term drinking may also increase the possibility of autonomic disorders, depression, Parkinson's and other diseases.

Why does drinking alcohol cause autonomic disorders?

1. Drinking alcohol can affect sleep. Many times, drinking alcohol is due to gatherings, thinking too much, or being in a bad mood, so I choose to drink alcohol. After drinking, it may lead to an increase in brain arousal, which makes the brain In a more excited state, and in this state, it is easy to lead to overthinking and hyperactivity, which leads to unintentional sleep. And drinking alcohol may often affect sleep quality, which may make it difficult to enter deep sleep, resulting in poor sleep quality. The sleep problems caused by long-term drinking can easily exacerbate emotional abnormalities and lead to the decline of the body's immunity, which can easily lead to autonomic disorders. 2. Physical discomfort caused by drinking. Many times, after drinking, it is always difficult to avoid various physical discomforts, and these physical discomforts will also affect mood and sleep, and long-term physical discomfort can easily lead to nervous system. disorders, and may also lead to severe insomnia, thereby increasing the likelihood of autonomic disorders. Sometimes physical discomfort caused by drinking may also affect endocrine disorders and cause more discomfort. 3. Decreased immunity caused by drinking. Drinking alcohol can easily lead to damage to body organs. Long-term drinking can easily lead to accumulation of organ damage, which affects the body's immunity and resistance. The weakening of the body's disease resistance may also lead to autonomic nerves. The likelihood of developing the disorder is increased.

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