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Love process and results, which one do you care more about?

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Love process and results, which one do you care more about?

You say, in a relationship, is the process more important, or is the result more important? Undoubtedly, before each relationship begins, we will give it the best meaning and hope that it will get the best result. We are willing to give everything for it. The result is important, but if two people can support, encourage, accompany each other, grow together, and achieve the best of each other in the process, the result is not as important as imagined. Cherish the people in front of you, cherish the moment, we have done our best, and all we have left are the best memories. What we experience is far more meaningful than the result itself. I used to think that a successful relationship was the first time I entered the university. The classmates around Zian started a sweet relationship, which was enviable. But in Zi'an's consciousness, she didn't quite believe that the love in her student days would come to an end until she met him. That boy is not handsome in everyone's eyes, but he always gives people a very down-to-earth feeling. Maybe we can go to the end, thinking this way, Zi An agreed to his confession. When others are in love and enjoying life, Zi'an is thinking about what will happen in the future, thinking about going to graduate school, thinking about working and settling down, or even getting married and having children. When the reality does not conform to the ideal mood, the contradiction becomes the source of the quarrel. Even the slightest difference of opinion can cause unpleasantness between the two. Zi'an realizes that if you pursue results too much, you may not get everything you want more smoothly. It's better to enjoy our present moment gradually, and Zi'an shifts more energy to the present life. Make an appointment to study together, go to dinner and visit the campus together after study. Occasionally, I will go out of the school gate and feel the beauty of life around. Love really does not only see the result, but also the process. Zian uses her own way to record the unique love in this fast food era. Love that goes both ways will always get a warm response. Boyfriends will remember every memorable day, and the sense of ceremony representing love has never been absent. The photos in the circle of friends are the best commemorations. The long-term companionship is because both of them are attentive. Conflicts seem to be resolved, and unnecessary quarrels are less and less. The beauty of life will dilute all unpleasantness, and the world of two people together is really different. The right person should stand in the future. The future does not conflict with love, and the right person should stand in the future. This sentence is really suitable to describe Zian's love. After more than a year, Zi An discovered that the result of his pursuit at first was in the process of bit by bit. More than half of the sophomore year, postgraduate entrance examination, public examination or employment is on the agenda. At the same time, the two chose to plan each other into their own future and meet to become better people together. The two supervised each other's study, reminded to pay attention to exercise, and cared about the changes little by little. The beautiful process has strengthened the confidence of the two to write the future, and the two have strengthened their determination to be together all the time. In the spare time of the holiday, I went to see each other's good friends. When my world and yours becomes our world, then my life and your life will also be our life. Don't always focus on verbal promises and what we're going to do in the future, but on what we're doing right now. Those who are responsible and responsible for the other half are willing to grow together, enjoy the process together, and achieve something more important than the result together. In the process of falling in love, the two have experienced a sweet period, experienced quarrels and running-in, and everything is a common experience for the two of them. You cannot deny the efforts of two people for love. Two people may have similar personalities, or they may need to constantly run in. But this is not a reason for quarrel, nor can it determine the direction of love. We cannot decide the outcome, but we can manage our present life well. In the eyes of the public, the most satisfying ending of love is to grow old together. In fact, everyone is a passer-by in life, but some people leave in a hurry, and some people have been around you all the time. The definition of love is that you are by my side when I love you the most. Inadvertent care and contact at first acquaintance, mutual affection during ambiguous period, passion during passionate love, calmness when freshness fades, cold war after quarrel, and reconciliation after calm. Every experience is integral, not the only outcome we ask for. Whether you are a process or result-oriented person in a relationship, please treat your significant other well. Because once a person decides to fall in love with you, it must be carefully considered and must have the courage of his life, so please be kind to you. Maybe the person who accompanies our youth cannot accompany us for the rest of our lives, but the warmth he leaves in the journey of life is the seasoning for our life.

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